Feel free to call me... Mea, MeaKitty, Kitty, MeaChan

What am I, you ask... The short form is "I'm a Leucistic Blynx"

Which is? American Bobcat/Canadian Lynx

But you live in Australia! And that's a problem how? And not a question! Moving on!

Okay, but what's Leucism? Long Explanation -

tl;dnr? White/Silver Markings on White Skin/Fur

Anything else you wanna know, or talk about, feel free to hit me up with a PM/Note or IM/Email.



Mea'eshana PhoenixFire
Mea'eshana PhoenixFire
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Incoming Art Spam

on 11 August 2015 at 03:40:31 MDT

I apologise for my... laziness over the last couple of months. It's been hectic and there's been very little that I've been proud enough to share. So while I'm updating my Patreon account for the extra awesome people who support me, I'll be uploading the last two months of art here too. Prepare for a run of images for what I've been working on lately.

I'll post final images here, but there will be WIPs and such on my Patreon account if you're interested in seeing those. Plus, for as little as one dollar you get monthly access to all the rest of the awesome things, and there's more if you pledge more.

I'm sure you all know how it works by now. - You support will help me become a full time artist without having to worry about the.. you know, dying of starvation and whatnot. ^_^

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1. Pencil Sketches & Inks

A page o' doodles
A$ 0.00
Base Sketch (Single Rough)
A$ 20.00
add  Complex Sketch (Clean)
A$ 5.00
add  Inking (Basic)
A$ 5.00

2. Inks & Colored Images

Digital Inking
A$ 30.00
add  Flat Color
A$ 10.00
add  Single Cell / Anime Color
A$ 10.00
add  The Works
A$ 10.00

3. Additional Costs

add  Additional character
A$ 15.00
add  larger size/extra details
A$ 15.00
add  Printable Version (Resized for up to A3 printing at your own expense)
A$ 15.00

4. Other Things

a. Icon Set (Face)
A$ 20.00
b. Icon Set (Bust)
A$ 30.00
c. Icon Set - Triple
A$ 50.00
d. Full Set (Imae + Badge + Icon)
A$ 120.00
e. Reference Sheet (Simple)
A$ 80.00
f. Reference Sheet (2 View)
A$ 120.00
g. Reference Sheet (3 View)
A$ 135.00
add  Reference Sheet (Extra Accessory)
A$ 10.00
add  Reference Sheet (Extra Face)
A$ 20.00
add  Reference Sheet (Extra NSFW Body Parts)
A$ 20.00

Generally sketches are done by traditional methods in lead pencil. Inking can be done either traditionally or digitally. Coloring is always done by digital methods unless commissioned otherwise.

Commissions can be purchased as Ladder art, meaning you can start with a base sketch and pay in instalments for each additional step through inking and coloring til you've paid for "The Works". This eliminates the need for "Half price up front" and such, but the next step will not be started until payment has been received.

Completed commissions are sent via email to the address you paid from unless otherwise specified at time of transaction.


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