"We are Dragons.
Creatures of balance.
Strong and just.
Cruel and gentle.
Wise and knowing.
Understanding but merciless.
Guarding the world."

About Me

I'm just a relatively normal feral western dragon. Nothing particularly special about me... I'm a green and black dragon. I have horns and breathe fire. I have two nice big wings to fly and soar with. My four strong limbs allow me to be quite bouncy when I'm with people I know, or who I feel at ease with. If I seem a bit withdrawn don't take offence I just tend to just be apprehensive with others at first.

I don't believe in abstention from frivolous and harmless pleasures of life, but I don't consider myself shallow. I seek meaning in what I do, I just don't expect to find it everywhere in everything and that's ok! Why can't the deeper meaning just be to have a good time for a while.

Hang about me for a while and I'm sure I'll corrupt ahem introduce you to some weird stuff. Don't worry if you aren't into weird things though, I never force anything on anyone... except as part of RP perhaps. whistles Yeah I can be quite the forceful and dominant dragon in those, just tell me if I'm overstepping bounds. I tend to squish those things, I am quite a big, heavy and hungry dragon after all. blinks Wanna judge me for liking weird stuff? That's ok I have my own way of dealing with that. It's all lies about you being crunchy and good with ketchup you see, you taste just fine without it. flashes fangs

My tools

The software I use for 3D stuff is Blender, and for image editing GIMP. For transcoding I use ffmpeg. I'm a big fan of the open-source initiatives and the great community that surrounds blender. I hope in the future to be able to add my own tutorials etc, since I have gained a great deal from those others kindly put online. I try to be approachable and if you see something I have done and wonder how I did it feel free to drop me a Note or ask in the comments I'll then explain as best I can, and/or direct you toward the resources which taught me.


I role-play and my primary character is Mauros. I am uncomfortable RPing more than friendly play with people under 18. That includes all vore. Please don't lie, unpleasantness will follow when I find out you breeched my trust like this. It will mean blocks everywhere and maybe even admin involvement. I view RP as a joint thing, if our interests don't mesh please don't force the issue, we can still chat. If things start going a direction you don't like, please say so, OOC! Don't just quit on me. See for what he does when playing.

Contact Me

I use IRC, and it's the best way to contact me, I'm usually connected 24/7 even when I'm not at my computer. I do occasionally take time off, usually when I'm feeling antisocial. Would get told off if I just burned everyone. :( If you get no reply I'm probably AFK and will reply when I'm back. I don't currently use messengers such as skype, yahoo, MSN etc. The networks I'm connected to are Furnet and Anthrochat using the nicknames GreenBlack or Mauros.

Thanks for Favourites and Watches

I want to take this opportunity to thank those who watch me or favourite my work. I don't post thanks on peoples profiles because it feels like a social ritual. I don't have anything against social rituals, sometimes they are needed. When I say thanks through reflex or ritual however, I feel I'm being dishonest.

Each +watch or +fav makes me feel a bit happier about sharing my work, so thanks everyone. I am always curious about who watches or likes my work, so I may still make comment on profiles, since I always take a look. It's also nice to see people are grateful for being watched/faved, so thanks if you posted to thank me for that too.

Latest Journal

No longer posting flash animations here.

on 29 May 2017 at 13:33:32 MDT

Unfortunately the past few animations I have posted, do not work and I've been unable to figure out why.
As a result I will no longer attempt to post flash animations here.
I will continue to post to the following sites however...

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