Feed a Dragon 0.7 - Bigger Noms! by Mauros

Feed a Dragon 0.7 - Bigger Noms!


28 December 2013 at 09:12:11 MST

Yay, finished version 0.7!

I am planning to produce an adult version of the flash from the next version onwards, in addition to a 'clean' version. Most development for 0.8 will probably involve the adult content.

0.5 -> 0.6

> New animation ("Send the Cow") both POV and Cinematic

> Fixed a potential bug where an automatic transition left buttons pressable that were invalid.

> Coded a number of backend elements to handle inclusion/exclusion of adult content

0.6 -> 0.7

> New animation loop after eating cow, dragon with swollen belly

> New animation ("Send the Cow" -> "Digest")

> New animation loop after digesting cow, dragon with swollen gut

Pending Stuff / known issues

> Work on "*Jump In*" animation, end of animation doesn't work well

> Work on "Send the Cow" animation, throat structures not quite right (Thanks Saz)

> Apply method used in "Send the Cow" to other animations to stop feet clipping into the floor

> Cinematic "RAWR" and "Say Ah" animations

> Animation loop of being in dragons maw (Nice idea mystbunny)

> Animation of being swallowed

> Animation loop showing inside the dragons crop

> Take a look at the position of the stomach in the cow nomming animations (Thanks Bruyaglovae)

> Version 1.0 will involve a full render not just OpenGL render, of all animations.

The points below will ONLY be in the adult version of the flash. There will also be options to disable each type of content at the start of the flash.

> Series of POV animations showing the viewer being digested after "*Jump In*"

> Animation showing disposal after he has digested the cow

Submission Information

Multimedia / Other