Feed A Dragon 0.8 - A peek inside by Mauros (critique requested)

Feed A Dragon 0.8 - A peek inside (critique requested)


30 January 2014 at 09:04:16 MST

All critique and comments greatly welcomed!

After consideration I decided to publish 0.8 rather than skip it. It's been a month since the last update and there have been a fair number of changes since then. I was sick for several weeks during this period which slowed development to a standstill, but it picked back up again lately, so yay!

I expected most changes to be on the adult content, but it turns out it was not the case. I am still working on those videos, but internal stuff is taking a LONG time to do. I'm learning as I go, plus it's just harder due to the viewers proximity to the surface.

Two of the internal videos are rendered, this should give a feel for how it will look in the final piece. The OpenGL renders of internal stuff do not capture quite how it will look and feel. The quality of the rendered videos will also be substantially better in the final piece, they are reduced here due to file size constraints once again.


0.7 -> 0.8

"Jump In" animation altered to stop in the maw
New animation loop after jumping in maw, facing out sideways.
New animation ("Say Ah" -> "Closer" -> "Jump In" -> "Gulp!") {Rendered animation, but probably not final.}
New animation ("Say Ah" -> "Closer" -> "Jump In" -> "Look Forwards")
New animation loop looking forwards out of the maw of the dragon
New animation ("Say Ah" -> "Closer" -> "Jump In" -> "Look Forwards" -> "Gulp!")
New animation loop showing the inside of his crop after being swallowed {Rendered animation, but probably not final.}

Pending Stuff / known issues

Look into slight floor clipping in "send a cow"
Cinematic "RAWR" and "Say Ah" animations
Version 1.0 will involve a full render not just OpenGL render, of all animations.
Apply method used in "Send the Cow" to other animations to stop feet clipping into the floor Also fix floaty feet (Especially front right foot) (Held for version 1.0, for final render)
A Series of POV animations showing the viewer being digested after "Jump In"
A Animation showing disposal after he has digested the cow

Done Stuff

Work on "Jump In" animation, end of animation doesn't work well
Animation loop of being in dragons maw (Nice idea mystbunny)
= This grew into several loops and may grow further yet ;p
Animation of being swallowed
= Two even!
Animation loop showing inside the dragons crop
= Done
Take a look at the position of the stomach in the cow nomming animations (Thanks Bruyaglovae)
= Now moved further back
Work on "Send the Cow" animation, throat structures not quite right (Thanks Saz)
= Have altered the shape to try and improve it.

Submission Information

Multimedia / Other


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    Interesting. So the dragon could swallow you and not digest you, That'd be useful for something RP based (Smuggling something small enough to eat through dangerous area's) I mean, who's gonna say "Open your muzzle for inspection dragon!" No one that enjoys breathing. Even undead would kinda go "Eyah..no"

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      Well he cooould... but that could be the issue, he's quite a ravenous beasty :p It might be safer to brave the dangerous area. XD

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        Ahhhh, so. There's going to be more eventually here huh? You'll eventually animate slipping past that crop and take a permanent residence in his belly eventually yes?

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          That's the plan for the next version of the (adult) flash yes grins
          Like full tour except... well you won't be the same when you re-emerge. :p
          The dragon will keep a good portion of you for his own uses. :)