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Rin Natsumi


8 October 2017 at 21:14:35 MDT

Another character to add to the roster that I had help from some good friends in revamping ^^

This is Rin Natsumi. She's a Gindo, a free species created by Keihound =3

This was an old character I use to RP as back in the old days of Youtube close to 10 years ago, that a friend decided I should revamp. If you wish to know what he looked like, this is the last pic I made of him - Not In A Good Mood (I was never that great at drawing digigraded legs so she may stay plantigraded, though I'll make that option available x3x; )

This is the guide to making one - Gindo Species Information + Guide

I decided to use the Gindo species for this cause I love how they look when they were first introduced! A friend decided that I should change the gander from male to female, and I agree. I don't have many female characters in my cast other than Vanity. He also mentioned that I should use some of the colors from my old lucario character to help with her appearance, along with tamerkoh help making the colors work. maxthefox95 helped for anatomy here too ^^

Hope you like ^^

Rin Natsumi & Art © marquis2007

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    Loving that pose and expression, also good to get more female chars to your cast <3

    Pawy cuties that fight or do fighty poses are always great <3