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KoBé Ka


8 October 2017 at 20:44:14 MDT

Another wonderful adopted character to add to the roster =3

His name is KoBé Ka, a lavender punk lizard that I helped in his creation from his original owner. He was originally suppose to be a green lizard but his whole appearance was altered thanks to sharing a pair of purple claw paw slippers that I own and also inspired his big feetpaws. We both kinda brainstormed on how he would look, though most of ideas came from him, but we're super happy in creating him to what he is XD

~Character Concept

Name: Kobé Ka
Race: Lizard
Height: 4’11”(?)
Weight: 82 lbs.(?)

Eyes: Very round, marigold with thinly black pupils.

“Hair”: A bristly mohawk of bright pink feathers.

Scales: Deep purple with lighter lavender along the undersides of his torso, tail, hands and paws.

Physical Features: Very lean physique with semi-long flexible body. Medium snout with slit nostrils (often has a gold ring through both). Lengthy and muscular tail. Dexterous hands and big wide footpaws with big white claws. Long black tongue with a forked tip.

Special Abilities: Able to climb walls and ceilings when bare pawed/handed. Forked tongue has a sticky tip for snatching things at a distance. Able to see in the dark.

Pros: Collective, observant, cunning

Cons: A bit of a trickster, goofball, deceptive.

Behavior: Kobé is as slippery as his smooth hissy voice. He prides himself in his ability to sniff out information from others to use to his advantage later. On the outside he seems very chilled, and laid back but inside he’s always observing sights and smells as well as the little tells that people give off. Kobe is easy to make friends with and loves a good ‘wrapping’ snuggle. He’s often the first to make light of a situation when things feel too serious for him and likes a good joke.

Hope you like =3

KoBé & Art © marquis2007

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    That's one cute lizard, neon magenta and nice mohawk <3

    Also seems a bit of a crook or similar based on his description, but still being sweet as a guy c: Really cute <3

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      My friend has a way of making wonderful descriptions for his characters ^^