Giving Her The Ol' Salty Croc by Lobst

Giving Her The Ol' Salty Croc


7 September 2014 at 15:09:20 MDT

Decided all of a sudden to create a new fursona for myself! This is meant to supplement (not replace) Svetlana. Her name is Maddy, and she’s a saltwater crocodile! I can think of a few ways I’ll be using her:

  • Svetlana has always been a character separate from myself; she has a backstory and a complex future inside the introspective TGTF fiction I’ve been writing. I’ve made a few comics about the real-life me featuring her as a stand-in, but I dread the moment when someone asks when those comics fit within the larger canon. Especially if I end up getting my SRS and decide to make a comic about it!
  • I also want to use this croc here to model feminine outfits I intend to buy when I have money (I only wear hand-me-down T-shirts and khakis/cargo shorts these days; it’s pretty sad and not at all feminine, and I want this to change.) She will be my makeshift mannequin, and with her help, hopefully I will never spend money on anything too atrocious.
  • Also, I want to make comics featuring my real-life friends at some point, and I can’t just use Svetlana for both those comics and the fiction she stars in. I don’t want to confuse everyone by inadvertently making them think Robyn (one of Svet’s two partners, who she's madly in love with) is a real person in my life.

"But why not just draw yourself as a human being?" Well, uh, um runs away, jumping off cliff to escape

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    Welcome to the wonderful world of crocodiles!

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      Crocs compose a wonderful world, oh yes :D

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    My old 'sona was like this overly-skeezy bad mooded coyote who did lots of drugs and was like this 'super-cool-male' image I was really trying for at the time. Including drugs. And lack of self-respect. Etc etc. Weird how I tried so hard for it and then gave it up and felt so much better for it.

    So uhhh. Yeah. Things. Serious things about online characters. And stuff.
    jumps into a truck and barrels off through opposite lane of traffic

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      I went through a similar phase! Weird how often this notion of "coolness" comes from not enjoying enjoyable things, or guarding yourself from expressing vulnerability or sadness. It's like saying that you're better than others by pretending to be an incomplete human being!

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        Sexy sexy mental and repressment issues~

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          People who don't understand the psychological implications deride it as frivolous, but choosing your avatar-self is exceptionally serious business. Sure, it represents you, but it's quite possible for your to represent your avatar. More than a few people have ended up adopting the traits of their online 'persona.' It can be an amazing self-help tool to design, say, one who is funny and self-confident and more at ease. It can be just as harrowing to create one that's a jerk, sociopathic, or angry, and see those traits echo back into your real life. This stuff can be psycho-analysis level stuff.

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            Wish I could thumbs-up this comic. So much -this-.
            Looking back and doing a bit of that psycho-analysis stuff, I had a very poor sense of self and an urge to self-destruct. I was always doing some substance or doing some amount of destruction or insanity--all with a skeezy attitude and manic/dour expression. Exhibits A, B, C and D. Eventually my life become a sort of echo of these tendencies, which is weird to look back on and see.

            Thankfully I ended up coming to terms with a lot of things. I mean yeah I had to hit rock bottom to do so, but I did and it was for the better best. When I 'came-to' so to speak, the old CC 'sona no longer resonated with me. Gender distinctions aside, I really felt disconnected from the mania,general trashiness, and recklessness of the character, which in a way was compensation for a complete lack of confidence or self-respect, as well as to cover gender-identity issues.

            But yeah the whole online persona thing is much more serious than people take it for. And these days I tend to lean towards a more admirable 'sona that I wish to be more like in terms of confidence, understanding, and compassion.

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    aaaah yes this rules

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      Aww, thank you! :D

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    Oh lovely!

    I like her very much. Her colours in particular are a delight (pale chartreuse and vanilla? oh my goodness yes).

    Much as fursonae should be malleable and repurposable, it is good if you can find clarity about what they're for and what they mean to you.

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      Thanks for the kind words! I chose these colors because I wanted something distinctive, but not too outlandish. I'm glad you like them :)

      I've known for more than half a year that I'd have to make a new fursona to use in addition to my cow character; what pushed me over the edge was two nights ago, when I realized I had a strong desire to express myself in a more feminine way. I figured I'd come up with this version of me to flatter myself a bit. It wasn't until after the first drawing of her was finished that I realized how appropriate her species is -- I've often felt like a hulking beast struggling to present myself as a petite woman, and this new fursona makes it feel like I'm reshaping that sentiment into something that positively reinforces me, in a way.