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Fan Art- Let's catch a human! by Little-Noko

Fan Art- Let's catch a human!


Okay, sincerly, I just love how underswap can brighten up my day. I’ve lots of internal struggle and anxiety lately. And this little boy just always find a way to cheer me up in a way or another. A chubby hyped skeleton, what a nice combination~<3

Hope you like it despite the fact it’s traditionnal <////<

Artwork© little-noko
Undertale© Toby Fox

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Visual / Traditional


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    This is super-adorable! :D

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    I mentioned in tags on Tumblr, but I love this version of US!Sans! he's so cute <3 I like that he's not quite as pudgy here, it makes sense because he's likely a lot more active than original Sans :)

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      Wait... you watch me on tumblr ? owo

      and yes US!Sans is adorable ! I prefer the original Sans over all the AU but he's a character really deep, anxious and sad in the inside. While US!Sans is just a ball of happiness and energy ;u;

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        I found you on tumblr, yeah! I'm zorayda-art :3

        I love the AUs, honestly. At first I thought they'd be terrible, but they're all so great! And fun to play around with :3

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          The AU are all unique and original, US and UF are my fave of the bunch for many reason but there's some who are really interesting such like Flowertale when every character grow a flower on their body every time they die.

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    I literally know nothing about this AU but I am all about Sans wearing a bandanna.

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      OwO well it's litterally every character swaping role with another character. Theit personality change a little as well but their main interest stay the same ( it's pretty much fucked up). Sans is swapped with Papyrus, he's a little ball of joy and kindness and he wish to join the royal guard. Papyrus to his part is the lazy bone of the two and love to do awful prank ( he still hate puns though ahaha )