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Fan Art- Level Of ViolencE by Little-Noko

Fan Art- Level Of ViolencE


Needed to get some feelings out of my chest, so here’s some for you. I’m not sorry.

I try to cheer up and get up, but this feeling keep tracking me down to the bone... no pun intended here. I live in constant anxiety and fear, I wake up in middle of the night in a paralysis state every single day. Anxiety is getting over me and my head doesn't stop thinking. I'm not into an emotional break down anymore, but I'm barely here, my anxiety start to cause physical pain again and I fear I gonna need to see someone again for my issues.

I hoped I would never need this kind of help again, but I can't afford myself to get through the same shit I went through during college.

Art© little-noko
Undertale© Toby Fox

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    I like the shading and use of backlight on this drawing! :D

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    Why do you hurt me like this ;_;

    I'm sorry about your anxiety issues, I hope you feel better. I know a person over the Internet isn't very helpful, but I do honestly hope you get the help you need to be healthy.

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      I'm sowwyyyyy I love artworks with feelings in it.

      And thank you really much, it affected my life a lot back to college leading into a major depression so I know I can't afford myself to just wait and see. And you shouldn't think that you're not helpful, sometimes a single comment can change something.