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Andre Deeard clothed gut cut by Leomane

Andre Deeard clothed gut cut


This week was smidge busy but I did have some alts banked up to show off and here we have some more of Andre Deeard the now dapper and clothed MERVASian charizard instructor at Pokewood Academy.

I had always planned to have him clothed but the nude one just got me more and allowed for more anatomy practice and dual cocks but I did finish the clothed version and it gave me practice on suits, which fit the big guy just right. Of course I still had to have the gut cut / gash visible so there was some more practice on how clothes look when cut and when two large cocks are bulged up into a shiny and tight package ( hope that undergarment holds! ) perhaps that playful tapping is telling you of something about to explode out.

All I mentioned in the last post ( find it here: ) still holds here as it's just a clothed alt but I did touch a few things up like some shines and glows and shadows and made the background a bit more presentable and look like a teacher office / private room complete with a pokedex, might be able to find some extra info on this teacher within ;3

But that's it for now! Enjoy more of this sexy clothed and damaged android charizard teacher!