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Wess Igance desk lean by Leomane

Wess Igance desk lean


I'm really enjoying doing some stretching and getting some more neat characters of species I'm not used to both playing or drawing! So here we have a sexy DILF dolphin-reptile professor, Mr Wess Ignace.
As per the usual Danji and I were in a mood for our RP and it didn't take long till Mr Ignace got introduced and he walked in to the lecture hall at the university during open study and met up with one Jeff...

I'll give people a few guesses as to what happened next after some kinky fun and then boom robot reveal! >:D
There were of course some very subtle and fun tells before it happened ( such as hauling a huge computer tower with one hand and being able to take the clawing and frustrations of Jeff )

Again this was a freaking great sketch to get out! Could still use some more touchups and tweaks here 'n there with his clothes and making them look well better but hey I'm pretty dang happy with it plus I got to add in a little joke the and the pose worked out nicely to really show off ALL of the professors features, including that tail man I think I nailed it with his wavy like patterning and that soft floppy fin tail, it looks so squishable and soft!

And that's about it right now... and before anyone asks ( but I'm assuming people are already know... ) yes I'm working on a sexy naked alternate >:D
So enjoy and say hi to Wess Ignace another wonderful fun new aquatic!

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