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Hiyas everyone! I'm Leomane or Leo is fine oh and despite the name I'm reptile all the way Dragonid to be specific.

Anyway I'm an Artist of way to many things (check it; sketch / concept, inked, traditional, digital , 3d ) also an animator, 3d modeller (& printer), prop maker and game designer.
Always up for a chat or discussion just feel free to hit me up. Also as a note I do extensively use my SCRAPS folder check out all the rough stuff!

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Post Vacay update with pre update 2023 edition!

Whew! What a wild ride it's been and now that I'm back and it's a saturday I can resume some posting and art-ing and well might as well get to an update as well but not a full update yet sort of that preshow.
But yes I have returned from my vacation and seeing my hubbie Danji, the time was VERY well spent and the con was amazing ( more on that later ) as was the coasters and us time after it!

I'll have more details and such later on as well as posting some of the art I got or made over the course of the trip, I do want to clean some more of them up before I post them even if they are good enough as sketches so that is on the list today during my art time! Which is another nice note, I have a backlog now so I feel ahead of the "game" and can put some extra thought into them.
But I'm rambling again here, just wanted to make a quick update so I can get back to drawing and let people that I'll have a lot to show and say in the coming hours and days including a few new online places / galleries I'll be updating.

For now keep being awesome everyone!

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    Thank you for watching my gallery!

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      My pleasure and hey its worth it as you draw some really neat creatures!

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        Why thank you! I hope you'll be able to see at least one you really enjoy! ✨