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Spence robo arm gaze by Leomane

Spence robo arm gaze


Alrighty I'm getting through the backlog of really neat art that I drew on my vacation with Dajji, this one came from a fun suggestion ( don't quite remember how ) but those that see it, yes it IS a direct homage / direct inspiration from a very important and just kick ass scene in a certain movie... and keeping with a certain frogs penchant for self discovery I HAD to put Spence in the roll.
I did some extra clean up on this one and generally put in the extra time today to set the mood for the scene with some more on the dark of the room and even gave some highlights and a bit more shading to really make it pop, I totally want to go back and get even more details on Spence's robot / cybrid components but that will need a little extra planning but so far I'm pretty happy with it, I know before Danji and I found me the proper scene I initially did a wing-it from memory take on it so I might do that one up as well!

Once again those not quite familiar Spence Feinham is a medic and first responded in a cyberpunk world and he does NOT ( well did not ) know he's an android / robot / cyber hybrid ( cybrid ) being, once he found out what he was well lets just say the little dude can't keep his hands off himself and in his down time is always figuring out more and more about himself and what he / it is and how it can use this ability to save others in his day job, even if it is still figuring out how best to repair himself.
This time seems Spence is taking some fairly concentrated looks at whats exactly under his skin layer, peeling it off in a very bad ass manner, while being fairly precise committing it all to memory. Even in the dimly lit room Spence can see each and ever micro component, sometimes some first hand tests are the best way to learn.

Hope everyone enjoys and can't wait to see what peeps think as well as get more of this done up and shown off, as always have fun and keep being awesome!