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Kam captured part 2 by Leomane

Kam captured part 2


And here is the much anticipated and desired part 2 of Kam getting captured, only this time it's the rescue and the embrace after what happened! Of course the most appropriate hero Drez the all powerful MERVASian liquid metal shapeshifter and head of security came to Kam's rescue and once the chameleon was free there was a very much needed hug, so yay silver lining!

As mentioned before I had an extremely emotional and amazing set of RPs with my best loving hubbie and the emotions kept coming and as such I had to have a sketch to display the aftermath of the rescue as it was even more emotionally satisfying.
This sketch is another pivotal moments that just released all that tension rendering it into love and safety, Kam has now been rescued and is in the arms of Drez being reassured he is not a nobody, as well as the embrace Drez has been using some of his abilities to heal up all the bruises cuts and the blackeye that plagued Kam, hence why is now all healed and pristine. This time Kam's size is a boon making him easy to hug and hold a fitting use of his size.
It feels just amazing to have this two parter out and to get all the extra details in and show that just subtle relief and even some tender touching

And that's the set! A HUGE thanks you to Danji for all that we've done and his encouragement as well as making me fall in love with Drez all over again!
I'm quite happy to move away to a lighter piece this week and I of course enjoyed every second of it and being able to flex my skills again and put in details and extra love really helped and it again brought out the best in me, even if I want to do more and WILL be cleaning these up!
But for now im going to enjoy this and thank everyone and be sure to hug your loved ones and enjoy!

Part 1 here

-- Edit: updated the source file made only slight changes to Kam's shorts looking too ratted and tribal and made a few affectionate changes to Drez's tail --