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Do you do adult artwork?

Very Rarely, maybe once in a blue moon. Most of my submissions are tame and geared for multiple tastes.

Do you do commissions?

Nope - to much work, and its hit and miss with me. I lack consistency, and i just draw for fun anyways. Most of the time i just watch and appreciate other peoples work.


Mostly poetry with an occasional story. Again, i don't think ill do anything adult. I like to write for fun, and try to get readers to think about what they are reading.


I have a small point-and-shoot camera, so i like to take pictures. I'm not a professional by any means, its just a hobby of mine.

About Me:

As far as my personality is concerned, I've been told I’m highly intelligent, although sometimes i don't believe it as i walk into those stupid glass doors like all the time. And don't even get me started about those damn street lamps - my arch nemesis. I graduated high school when I was 16 with a 4.0 GPA – but this has cost me dearly in the ability to socialize with my fellow human beings. I don’t consider myself snobby or anything – in fact, I like it when people socialize with me – it’s just that I’m in the constant habit of putting my foot in my mouth. Therefore, if you can suffer through my occasional stupid comment, then feel free to leave a message or something: I don’t bite. I would also consider myself a tad bit weird and zany, as my mind tends to dart from place to place fairly rapidly. I’m highly enthusiastic about other people’s artwork, and I love to support artists in any way that I can (short of giving away money, I’m a college student, so I’m dead broke).

As for what I do:

I'm a college student that dreams of one day teaching at a university level. My hobbies include cooking, reading, fishing, hiking, camping, bowling, and gaming. I am also openly gay.


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