Im a WoW gamer and enjoy drawing. In fact, I'm working on a project for the upcoming comic, Elem Fu. Characters, concepts, pretty much related to my story will be coming here. Oh! Of course few drawings of my WoW character Chunhua and her brothers/friends! Be looking forward to them.

On the another note, I made Elem Fu art blog, :3 I'll be upload some on here as samples. Enjoy!


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Long Time No See

on 20 August 2017 at 19:37:15 MDT

Dear Journal,

Long time no see. I have so many things to tell ya. See, I resigned my old job to focus school and take care of my mom. Yeah, my mom's been in and out of hospitals and resides in a nursing home. I had to take couple days off from work to check up on her. She's all right, thank God ^^. Don't want to miss work anymore and burden my boss, I had to make an ultimatum and quit my job. My supervisor and coworkers over there gonna miss me...I can tell because they threw a go-away party out of my surprise. ...Dammit I'm gonna cry.

-few moments later-

Um, I'm okay now...Just never know they loved me that a second family...clears throat, wiping tears but yeah, um...I won't let this decision get me down, there is a silver lining: I can visit mom anytime I want, focus on college, and work on my projects.

Yeah I want to get back into getting stuff ready for my "Elem Fu" comic. Upcoming projects, I will draw some character sheets, random doodles and skits, scenes and buildings. The thing is though, these ideas will not be posted on Furrafinity, Deviantart (maybe) or here (maybe). They will be posted on patreon. Oh, I didn't mention that? Yeah, I made a patreon account and it's been on hiatus...TOO LONG! I gonna hafta update the reward system for the patrons though. Like if a patron contribute a dollar or more a month, he or she will have access to private streams on my comic-in-progress, have one of their character(s) pixelated into a character sprite, or be cameos in my story. Iunno still thinking, we'll see.

I'm still in college, in fact classes start tomorrow. I'm going for associates and bachelors in Graphic design. Teachings over there may also give me tips or two on creating nice cover for my story.

In summary, I quit my job to take care of mom, still in school, and get back to my projects. I will only be posting journals here regard the days I'll be doing streams. I'm mostly active on twitter, same goes for tumblr and patreon. If possible, I'll tryout discord, make a room there too. I'll keep you posted, thanks for listening ^^.

P.S During those times my mom being back and forth from hospital and nursing home, I feel really glad my buds were there to cheer me up. You know who you are, but I wanna give out thanks to them anyway. Thank you guys, especially you Sooshi (mewsagi) and Vetto....sobs again thank you...I'll be okay...I'll be okay...

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