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Commission: LordVictor by WhiteMantis

Commission: LordVictor


Commission for   LordVictor featuring his character Victor, as a commander coming from stranger lands, visiting Great Land and meeting the Blade Under Mask cast! The girls are impressed by his uncommon appearance and the guys are not happy with that!

Thank you again for the amazing commission idea and patronage, Victor! <3


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    Hah, the jealous boys make this picture! (more awesome)

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    He definitely stands out, considering the cast.

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    It looks like a scene straight from a movie! And Nae is gonna make those boys pop a blood vessel lol

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    Looks delicious and like a seen right out of a movie as Blade said.

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    That's Tokugawa Japan for you the Tokugawa Shogunate really hated foreigners. Also I love his Royal Navy Uniform and it looks to to be a Lieutenant's uniform.