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Under the Pressure by Kludge

Under the Pressure


mattfrost9 requested: How about Bojack Horseman?

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Visual / Digital


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    This is actually a really cool looking art style. Seriously mate, impressive work <3 Well done!
    Though I sllllightly concerned about the whole "spoiler" thing for seasons 5 (I haven't watched it yet myself, but spoilers don't bother me), however... Bojack has done a lot of bad things, so I don't think it's necessary.

    Btw, your icon is freaking adorbs <3

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      Glad to hear you like what you see here. I was thinking this was vague enough as a drawing of Season 5 without dipping too much into spoiler territory.
      And thank you, it was by Jay-Pines and probably my favorite icon that I have.

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    It's just addiction for Bojack. Not much of a spoiler that it's also affecting his mind.

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      Honestly, for some reason, the addiction to the painkillers flew right over my head. It wasn't until a friend and I were talking about the new season together that he mentioned how interesting it was how BoJack's drug addiction was handled throughout the season.

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    BTW I hate Todd.

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      what why?

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        Because he's a annoying slap in the face during episodes that take away from the main story and more interesting characters. Do I care if he randomly gets jobs from idiots? No Do I care if he's asexual? No Do I even like him as a comedy side of the story? No, because he's a poorly written character and looks like a hobo. 😑