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9 January 2018 at 23:03:23 MST

Sorry, I don't have a very clear camera.
With the help of my friends' computer knowledge plus my dad's tools and skill with building projects plus my idea, I built a computer on Christmas, which was posted on my (now (mostly) inactive) Twitter.

  • The "table" is a Bell'O TV stand I got on Craigslist. My dad and I painted the wood black and altered some of the pieces: one of the four grey rungs on each side of the stand was removed, and the lower glass was moved upwards, so that it became more desk-like.

  • The computer hardware is mounted onto a thin piece of Plexiglass. The Plexiglass is resting on top of tempered glass that came with the TV stand. A thicker sheet of tempered glass is resting on top, with about an inch in between the tallest piece of hardware (the power supply).

  • The front and back are open for ventilation, with the exception of the grey rungs being a bit in the way. It's a bit tricky when plugging in the back, but it's not hard.

  • The monitor is a used Wacom Cintiq 24HD that I got as a gift a few years ago from my parents.

  • Loosely inspired by the purple translucent Gameboy consoles. Interesting enough, I've never owned one before.

Fursona stickers by TASS3L and jasp of course.

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    ok, THAT is cool. is that a ITX board?

    the only problem i see is if you were to drop something on the desk or hit/bump into it (either in rage lol or on accident), you'd vibrate the hdd - which isnt really good for it.
    but i think you can mostly solve that by simply resting the drive on a piece of foam (or getting an ssd)

    if thats an itx board you're probably not gonna have issues with heat - but if you do you could get like an 80mm fan and use 2 small pieces of cardboard to direct airflow to the cpu.
    you actually would have amazing airflow with this design - again, good job! very unique, i might try something like this in the future :P

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      Oh no, I did not know that! This is my first build. When I was moving, the computer was in the back of a very vibratey truck. Setting back up the computer resulted in a boot loop, with an error code talking about memory. And I'm guessing that could have been the issue.

      The problem has been solved now thanks to some internet searches and runs normally. However, my HDD is screwed directly into the Plexiglass, so modifying it would take just a bit more effort.
      Thank you so much for the information, I will definitely remember it for the future.

      Also, it is an ATX board, by MSI.

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    AAAAAAA i saw this on tumblr just now and !!!!!!!!!!!!! its so cool and nice !!!!!!!!!!

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      Yooo thank you so much. I'm really happy with it.