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i'll be posting more frequently in the next few months. for those who visit, please check back every once and a while. i think you're gonna like whats coming...


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on 27 April 2018 at 05:06:46 MDT

Its been well over 4 months since I’ve posted anything remotely decent, so whoever still follows me at this point deserves to know what the hells been going on.

First of all, I have NOT given up on music! Far from it, actually! I got two songs in the works, and 9 more on the way after that! The guitars have already been tracked for all of them, but there’ve been three things blocking them from progressing:

The first one is just getting the time to finish it. I got hired at IBM back in Feburary, and even though I freaken love it there (I wanted to work at IBM for so long, it was hard to contain myself during the interview :D), they expect a lot out of me. The work can be very mentally and sometimes physically draining, and a near two hour commute in traffic leaves me pretty exhausted when I get home.

The second blocker is vocals. Those 11 songs are already written and for the most part tracked, and just need vocals. I’ve already for the most part written lyrics for them (which turns out to take a while), but turns out singing is a little hard! I used to do death metal stuff, so I’m ok with the screamed vocals, but singing is taking a while to figure out. I’ve been practicing in the car on my way to work, but in order to actually lay the tracks down I need to go back to my parents house, and I have to do it in a time where they’re not home – I’m super self conscious about it lol. Even then I have an about a window of an hour or two to get it recorded, so its been tricky to line it up – but it is progressing.

The jeep is the third blocker. If you’ve been to my twitter, you’ll see a lot of Jeep stuff. I keep it at my parents house, since all my tools and stuff are there, and they’re getting a little tired of seeing it in their yard in the state its in. Thats been forcing me to prioritize it over my music stuff. All I have to do right now is get it to pass safety inspection, which means just welding the exhaust, and installing axles, tires, and steering. I pre-mesaured everything before hand, and its gonna work and be awesome – I just need the money to do so.

I wish that anyone watching my stuff would comment more – ESPECIALLY if you’re not liking something! Like “thats kinda lame”, or “we dont care about your stupid jeep”. Anything, really Dont be afriad to offend me, you won’t! :3
I need those feedback loops to change how I interact. I want to be more actively involved in this fandom rather than passively watching from afar, so I want to know what you like and DONT like so I can adjust accordingly!

I know this is a long post, but I want you to know that even though I’ve been busy juggling multiple hobbies plus my job, I have not given up. Stay with me :)

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