Hello KiyoPi here! I am no longer taking commissions for perler work. I will be looking into a different type of artwork.

I thank you all who took interest in my art and I greatly appreciate the support and interest you all have given me. <3

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Gearing up for TFF with GRAB BAGS! :D

on 7 March 2016 at 13:40:34 MST

Hello all! Sorry I've been pretty quiet over these last few months, with the hand injury and then flu it's been rough. But that won't stop the amazing fun that is TFF! :D Unfortunately we were unlucky again with the Dealers Den drawings so I will be in Artist Ally (hopefully) with a slightly smaller version of my Dealers Den table. Due to popular demand I am bringing back the LootCreat(c) Grab Bags from last year! This year featuring MORE candy and MORE prizes! I even threw in 2 MEGA CANDY bags that come with 10+ party bar sized candies so you can share with friends! (^__^) Oh, and of course there's the big bag winner that has a FREE custom commission of your choosing or ANY item for sale on the table, FREE! (with proof of winning ticket)

Hope to see ya'll there! (^__^)/

(Exclusively sold at TFF 2016 in the Artist Ally, hope to see you all there! <3)

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    っ^ᴥ^っ Roarrr! Thank you so much for Watching Del & Angry ❤ ^_^°

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    Such reasonable prices for custom work!

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    Aaah, your perler bead stuff is adorable!

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      Awe, thanks so much. (^___^)/

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    amazing art, love it :D

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      Thankies (^__^)/

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    I really like your work, and hope to commission you someday for a piece <3

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      Awesome, thank you. (^__^) I look forward to creating it! <3