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Noodles Mini-Ragdoll (Original Pattern) by KiyoPi

Noodles Mini-Ragdoll (Original Pattern)


22 April 2017 at 15:59:47 MDT

Noodles Mini-Ragdoll (Original Pattern) - Sorry about the delay! Here's a little gif I made of Noodles lovely little self! (Hopefully it comes out, it's my first attempt at a still shot gif with these.) Anywho, character is (c) Noodles!

Pixel Art by: Toradoshi or Kiyo Pi
Perler & Melt by: Kiyo Pi
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    That's so tiny! Was it hard to make something so complex and tiny?

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      Pretty much yes lol but I mean it's not entirely horrible with jewelers tweezers. Just have to have a steady hand. (^__^)

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        I could not do it with my arthritis! lol

        That's really amazing! :)