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Trevor Mini-Ragdoll (Original Pattern) by KiyoPi

Trevor Mini-Ragdoll (Original Pattern)


10 April 2017 at 10:04:43 MDT

Trevor Mini-Ragdoll (Original Pattern) - Just finished up this unique Bluejay + Samoyed mix, loved the tail. (^__^) Character belongs to Trevor.

Pixel Art by: Toradoshi or Kiyo Pi
Perler & Melt by: Kiyo Pi
Original Characters: Are © by respective owners, please be respectful of original ownership of these characters.
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    Very cute! The tail looks hard was it to plan out how the tail would work with the perlers? :)

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      Oh me and Tora work in unison with these projects. She normally does the pixel work and I collaborate to make it work with the beads. Then I recolor and plan as needed. Sometimes it's harder because the mini-beads only have 18 colors (so far) in perler. So I am very limited with the color palette.

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        That I can understand.............sometimes my markers or pencils don't have the exact colors I need and I have to come as close as I can, especially when drawing other people's characters. You guys do a really great job! :)

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          Awe thanks (^__^)<3

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            You're very welcome! :D