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Not much to say, really. I'm a girl who loves to draw and write. I'm currently working on an assortment of comic projects. There are my comics that have issues out already, Hybrid: Gods and Demons and Sweet Shoppe, and then I also have my more recent series, Bella Mariposa, the story that features my insect cast. So, I've got a ton of work to do at the moment, but I enjoy it all so it's counted as a blessing! ^_^

I'm a simple girl who loves simple, friends, food, romance (I adore a good romance! ♥♥♥) ...and the outdoors. Spring is my favorite season of the year and...I think that's about it! ^_^

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Hello Everyone and Thank You!

Well, hello everyone! I'm Kitt Mouri and it's nice to be here. ...although, I've actually been here for a while, I just haven't updated this page like I should have. I'm very sorry about that. But, I'm also very grateful to the people who have watched and/or friended me. Thank you so much! I'm also grateful for the faves I've gotten so far, too. They are all greatly appreciated. hugs everyone

Well! I still have a lot to update on my page. I finally got a makeshift banner up, could be better ^^; So, I'll work on that.

Umm...I think that's about all for now. You guys take care and I hope you enjoy my work. Thanks again!

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    Oh god your art is so cute ;3; <3 <3 Had to watch you!!

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    Ok, I have to ask...are you a member of the Yahoo group YSTML? LOL random question is random XD but a friend of mine was a mod there and had the same email addy as your username here so I thought I'd ask! ^_^ Awesome arts, btw!

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    Yay the Sweet Shoppe girls are here! ^_^ Glad to find you here at Weasyl.

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    Found you! <3

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    Hey you! Good to see you here, too! :D

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    Appreciate the follow! =D