YCH Custom Heart Rat by KiRAWRa

YCH Custom Heart Rat


26 March 2020 at 14:12:52 MDT

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Even with the variety of Heart Rat colorations available [here], I know there are still plenty of ratties that get left out. If you have a special ratty in your life, or just an OC you'd like to see turned into a rat, get a CUSTOM heart rat coloration through my [Kickstarter]! Adding $25 to your pledge gets you a digital file, OR for just $10 more, you can choose the $35 option and get your custom heart rat as a physical 4x6 glossy art print!

Note that this will only be a custom color - no edits to the rat, but just about any simplistic scene can be drawn in the empty tail space. Add as many custom colorations to your pledge as you like, no limit! They can be based on your pets, your characters, real animals, or whatever you have in mind!

By pledging as little as $1 you can help support my art and get access to more content over on Patreon!