Melodramatic YCH [Closed temporarily] by KiRAWRa

Melodramatic YCH [Closed temporarily]


22 January 2020 at 15:20:27 MST

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Oh boy I'm really excited for this one, my first YCH! :D
I would love to make more if this one goes well, so please feel free to share this around with anyone you think might be interested! ♥

Status: CLOSED FOR THE TIME BEING. Working through my current queue! If you'd like to be notified when slots reopen, just leave a comment and I'll ping you!


  • Prices are in USD and payment is due upfront.
  • Payment must be made via PayPal within 48hrs of receiving an invoice. Let me know if you need more time to pay, otherwise, your slot may be cancelled.
  • You may re-upload your finished commission to any website as long as it contains credit to me and a link back to any of my pages/accounts (I'm KiRAWRa on Toyhouse).
  • Under no circumstances are you ever allowed to remove or censor my watermark, name, or signature from any of my artworks.Read full terms [here]

$$ Price Scale $$
• No edits, just coloration
Single character: $16
Both characters: $26
• Small edits (hair, tail redraw, expression change, small accessories, etc)
$6 per (Really tiny edits (earrings, stitches, etc) may be free)
• Large edits (wings, body mods, clothing, large accessories, etc)
$11 per
• Text/speech bubbles
• Species changes
Not right now, sorry! Just testing the waters with this one. You can pay per edit to make it look like a different animal (ex: muzzle, ear, & tail edit to look like a cat) but I won't redraw the whole base if your OC/species is too far off.

• Post a comment or send a PM to claim a slot
• Slots are not limited, but I don't know how many I will end up doing
• Check your commission progress at any time by viewing the [queue]!
• Fill out the form below when claiming a slot to receive a price quote!

YCH Pose (#1/#2):
If #1, Accessory (cross/rose):
You can also choose a custom item, but it counts as an edit
Background (rain/sun):
Reference(s) of character:
Any requested changes or edits:
Other questions/comments:

Reference(s) of character for #1:
Accessory (cross/rose):
You can also choose a custom item, but it counts as an edit
Any requested changes/edits for #1:
Reference(s) of character for #2:
Any requested changes/edits for #2:
Other questions/comments:

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