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Heart Rat Variants by KiRAWRa

Heart Rat Variants


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I used the hooded rat for my main [Heart Rat print] because I figured that most, if not ALL rat owners have had a classic black-and-white hoodie before, so it's bound to be a relatable heart rat. But what about all the other rat varieties we know and love?
Make way for some STICKERS!
All 16 variations of these heart ratties will be available as stickers during my [Kickstarter]! If you haven't yet, be sure to click that link and opt-in to receive a notification right when it goes live!
I tried to cover as many bases as possible with the included colors, have you ever owned any rats that look like these? Which is your favorite? :)

By pledging as little as $1 you can help support my art and get access to more content over on Patreon!


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    I'm in love! They are so sweet and adorable 💦
    We had a black hooded, a black self and a husky, now we have a soft nice fawn 🐭

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      Thank you!
      Aww, your bbs sound precious, give them a pat on the head for me! ♥