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Still Homeless

on 11 December 2018 at 21:49:11 MST

Wanted to update everyone that me and my two roommates/family are still homeless.  

Before I start I wanted to thank everyone whose shared the gofund me and other posts and I wanted to thank folks who've donated. You guys have helped us survive so far and I really appreciate it. 

If anyone has any resources for LGBTQ homeless trans folks please let me know. All three of us are Trans NB.  We're in Oregon and are mega fine moving to Washington. The system is pretty much working against us due to well the above and we're low income and poor. Only one of us is able to drive. 

I'm Trans, Wheelchair-bound, on permanent disability and there are three of us. Both my roomies are trans and disabled. One of us has a job though.

I'm tired of being denied housing because our credit isn't good enough, we can't get a co-signer,  etc. Plus it's expensive to keep putting in applications only to be denied when we already barely have any money, to begin with. 

We've been staying at hotels but after the 12th we'll be living in our van as we can no longer afford shelter.  A Homeless shelter is not ideal for us nor is it really safe. We would not do well there and neither would our mental state as all three of us have PTSD and we can't be separated.  On top of that, we just don't feel safe being in one. 

We've not been able to do much due to low mental health and not being able to afford the gas as we've had to keep moving from hotel to hotel. We do plan to go to section 8 when we can but we're never able to make it in time ase they close rather early.  Plus most of the time we're sick thanks to the weather. 

There's three of us and we're not looking to add another person unless I super know ya and trust ya.

We appreciate any help and information for resources for housing, rental assistance, food banks, etc are ideal.

We can not afford a trailer or a camper to live in. We just really need a stable place to live/rent etc.  We can't even afford to buy a tent to help us. 

We still fully plan to go to Section 8 when we can but currently, we haven't been able to find time to do so and the weather has not permitted us to move much as our car's windshield wipers are broken and we can not afford to get our van repaired.  The van does not have working heat or air conditioning either. 


Currently, we are listing things on Etsy and eBay for sale if anyone is interested. 

I still have my Gofund Me up as well and I take donations via PayPal too if you send it under friends and family.

Paypal: KingGigahertz[at]gmail[dot]com or (please send as friends/family) 

Gofund Me -

Ko-fi -

Patreon -

Etsy (We'll have stuff up for sale soon)

eBay - (We're selling stuff to raise money)

And we have some Amazon Wishlists for clothes and such Link:

I also have some rebloggable versions of this on a few different sites



The best way to get in contact with me is either via my Facebook, Discord, or my Email KingGigahertz[at]Gmail[dot]com

Also wanted to add if anyone knows any resources to help share this info/posts around please let me know.  I'd also appreciate if people could share this around. 

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    Hello friend! I hope all is well with you! Keep smiling and being the amazing person you are!

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      Hai ! Every thing is going a lil slow tbh

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      You're welcome C:. Every one deserves encouragement and kind words.

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