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Postybirb Multi Uploader by Uluri

Postybirb Multi Uploader


1 January 2019 at 07:51:06 MST

Yup, I'm posting this here using Postybirb. I've been doing so for the last month, and wanted to give this a big shout out because it is incredibly helpful creation. Have you been having trouble keeping up on your current sites? Do you want to spread out more, but don't think you cna put in the time? Prepare yourselves, for I present to you something that can post your art and journals at the same time across the art sites you reside! 

This is that time of year that people post New Years resolutions,a nd a super common one is "I'll be more active on ____." I want to help you see through with that resolution. Good luck to all you creative peoples, and I really hope that Postybirb can help you and your art sites futures.

If you missed the Link above, here it is again:
UPDATE: Added a Video for a Quick look:


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    i love postybirb haha cant wait to use it more

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    Oooh! This is a really great idea!

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      Hope it's helpful to you

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    I love postybirb so much ! I've been using it for a good while now and it works great.