TCN Report - Orr Family/The Society by Kindar

TCN Report - Orr Family/The Society

Welcome to a special TCN segment. A few weeks ago, for a different segment, Trzkt Kitty of Timeline HSE-635 asked a question about the Orr family of Timeline KYD-954. We couldn't get to that question because that wasn't the Timeline we were covering, but as it turns out, we will be sending Anya McCrayne to KYD-954 in a few years for an unrelated story. We, at TCN, decided it would be a good time to get her to do some research and answer Trzkt Kitty's question.

His question is: what is the relationship between the Orr Family and the group calling themselves The Society, as well as what the differences are between their pacts. Anya, are you there?

ANYA: Yes, I am, how is the weather back at the studio.

TCN: As you know, the weather here is quite pleasant. Now, what can you tell us about the Orr family, the Society and those pacts?

ANYA: that was a while ago, I don't keep it memorized. But on to the story. First, before I can answer the question itself, I need to give some background information.

ANYA: timeline KYD-954, as well as all the 900s of that line, is one where magic exists, but where it differs from most is that the magic isn't a force of the world, like gravity or magnetism, but it is bestowed by gods.

ANYA: Now, I do need to clarify something here. As we all know, there are no such things as gods, these are simply-

TCN: Anya, I'm sorry to interrupt you, but our time is limited on this segment, I'm afraid you'll need to stick to the pertinent facts. Maybe just give up the highlights of the gods the Orrs and the Society follow?

ANYA: Of course, I'm sorry, this is a fascinating subject and I-right, so they both follow the same god. One whose name they don't know.

TCN: How can they not know the name of the god they follow?

ANYA: It seems that at some point in the past the god lost his name.

TCN: How does a god forget a name?

ANYA: In this case, as far as I can determine, it was caused by a lack of worshiper.

TCN: were you able to find out the name?

ANYA: Of course.

TCN: And what is it?

ANYA: I don't know. You might not realize it, but the names of such beings are powerful things. I can tell you that I went to when the god was still new and I listened to the being say his name, but hearing it sent me into a dementia that took a while to get over.

TCN: I see, well, that explains the sabbatical you'll be taking.

ANYA: Yes, I really needed that time at the sanitorium. Now, an interesting fact is that since no one can hear or speak the gods' names, they are all given name in the local tongue. But this one god wasn't given a name. Somehow, the Society, which was the first to rediscover the god realized that and honored the absence instead of simply giving him a name of their choosing. It's quite extraordinary as usually people will name things for their convenience and here-

TCN: Anya, if you could remain on task please.

ANYA: Of course. The relationship between the Orr Family and the Society is, as of this recording, tense. They have as little with each other to do as they can, although that will be changing in the near future.

ANYA: as to the difference between the pacts. Unfortunately I can't provide a first-hand record of the ceremonies where the Society and the Orr Family made the pacts so I can't directly answer it. I tried to get close enough but the energy coming out of the locations disrupted the stealth field.

ANYA: So All I can do is a correlation between when the ceremony happened, the state of the god at that time and how the people involved behaved afterward.

ANYA: So when the Society performed their ceremony, the god was without any worshipers. They found him by following old legends and were near death themselves, so it was beneficial to both parties. Over the centuries after they performed the ceremony, the Society set about becoming larger, which leads me to believe that one aspect of their pact was to produce more and more worshipers.

ANYA: When Sinkur Dorkhachi performed his ceremony, almost half a century had passed. The god had many worshipers by then and Sinkur's behavior afterward with keeping his family small seems to indicate that he wanted to keep the power concentrated. And he and his family proceeded to have as much sex as they could, which is how the god collects his energy, so it seems that the Pact the Orrs did was to provide the god with a ready supply of energy.

ANYA: I hope that answers Trzkt Kitty's questions.

TCN Report - Orr Family/The Society


15 August 2017 at 18:44:11 MDT

In tonight's special segment, Reporter Anya McCrayne reports on the relationship between the Orr family and The Society in answer to Trzkt Kitty of Timeline HSE-635.

As usual, if you have more questions, leave them here after the segment and we, at TCN, will endeavor to answer them.

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