TCN Interview, Adam Orr by Kindar

TCN Interview, Adam Orr

What is your name:
Adam Orr

Where were you born:
San Francisco.

Do you have any family:
Yep, seven brothers, two fathers, three uncles, and two great uncles. Yes, Patrick is my brother. Not my half brother, my brother. I don't see why him having a different last name would be a problem.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years:
Oh, that's easy. Standing on the podium getting the NASCAR trophy.

What is your goal:
To be the best race car driver in the world.

What obstacles have you had in your life:
Slow drivers. Kidding aside, I don't think I ever had any 'obstacles' to overcome. I don't think life is like Aiden's novels, you don't get stuff just happening to you so you'll learn a lesson, or to make your life difficult. You just drive with the pedal to the metal.

How have you overcome them:
I out run them.

What are you most passionate about:
Cars, and guys. And I guess guys in cars.

Do you have a pet peeve:
People who waste too much time planning everything. Yes, Albert, I mean you. If you read this come see me and I'll show you that life is much more fun when it's spontaneous.

What relationship-romantic or otherwise-has been the most significant in your life:
My cars. I'm not joking, well, okay, maybe a little, but my babies light up my life.

What has been your greatest accomplishment:
At this point? I don't know, sleeping with the entire football team? What? No no, not at the same time. Most of them don't know the others are willing to have sex with a guy. I really don't see what the big deal is, none of them said no.

Your greatest failure:
I am not talking about that.

What do you consider your greatest strength:
My spontaneity. And my ability to come up with explanations on the fly. You have no idea how often that saved my life.

Your greatest weakness:

Are you trying for the position of my arch nemesis? Why would you need to know that?

How do you compensate for your weakness(es):

Okay, I'll let you in on a secret, I don't' compensate, I give in. I just plunge right in and if the guy says yes, we both have the time of our lives.

Are you well-liked? Why or why not? If not, would you want to change that? What changes would you be willing to make:
Yeah, I am. I'm an easy going guy. And I love helping them out. Actually, can I ask you a question? Are you married? No reason, you just have the look. A little tired, not the 'it's been a long day kind,' but the 'can't she leave me alone for a minute' kind of tired. I knew it. Here's my contact, if you ever need a change, get in touch.

What one thing is essential to having a good day? Or Describe your hypothetical best day ever:
Best day. Well, they won't let me on the track yet, I mean not for real, but taking out one of the cars on the test track and just letting loose is a great feeling, trust me, after that all I want is a guy to... oh, right. This is going to a general audience publication, right? Just strike that then, I wouldn't want kids to read that.

What is your decision-making process:
Just do it.

Who do you admire most:
Pat. I'm amazed at all he had to overcome and he still managed to be a decent guy, hell, he's a better guy than a lot of those I went to school with and we were all pretty at ease in our life.

Which Deadly Sin would you be:
Lust, oh yeah. I'm lust incarnate.

Who is your role model:
I don't have time for role models. I'm too busy doing stuff, and guys.

What is your favorite book:
The General-Ford Mechanical principles of the Electrical Engine. It's THE book for anyone who wants to work on engines. I'd even say the weekend mechanic should read it.

What is your weapon of choice:
I'm packing it between my legs.

Do you have any spiritual belief/s:
Nope. I talked with Pat about religion and frankly, it isn't for me. I prefer living in the here and now rather than worry about what's going to happen once I'm dead.

If you could be in a Disney movie, what would your role be:
Lightning McQueen!

Which emoji describes you the best:
The race car one.

TCN Interview, Adam Orr


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