TCN Interview, Patrick Sanders by Kindar

TCN Interview, Patrick Sanders

What is your name:
Patrick Sanders. Exactly why am I here? No, no one told me. My boss just asked me to come here. An interview? Really? Why? I'm nobody. Well, yes, I'm related to them, but that doesn't make me important. No, I don't mind, I'm just surprised you'd want to talk to me, that's all.

Where were you born:
I was born in San Francisco, in the Brownstones. I still live there, actually.

Do you have any family:
Well, yeah, you know that. I have seven brothers, two fathers, a mother, three uncles, and two great uncles. Yes, two fathers. I thought you knew about them. Yes, that's them. Sure, but they're also my fathers. You asked.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years: Ten years? I don't know. I guess I'll be working for my Uncle Damian at that point. No, I won't be doing that. Come on, in ten years? I have to go through this current job, then university. I'm going to start at the bottom of the company, no the top. I'll probably still be in the mailroom by then.

What is your goal:
Surviving the next ten years. No, I'm not joking, working for the security firm is pretty tough, but I can't imagine what university is going to be like. I'm going to be older than most of the people there, and I'm not exactly the strongest drink in the bar.

What obstacles have you had in your life:
I don't know if we have enough time for me to list them all. I had to deal with neighborhood bullies when I was a kid, when they grew up they joined gangs and continued to harass me because I didn't want to join them. Poverty hounded me most of my life, had to quit school. My own temper can be a problem, even now. I had to come to grip with my sexuality. Is that enough?

How have you overcome them:
I don't know, I just didn't give in, I guess. Back then I thought my dad was a war hero, so I wasn't going to just lie down and let others walk all over me. I didn't so much beat poverty, I learned to accept what God gave me and do the best with it. Right, you don't know that. I found out I was related to them when I was eighteen. Before that, I thought my dad had died in Kenya, during the war. Why? He was a soldier, he was doing his-oh, you mean my mom. That's complicated, and I really don't think it's appropriate for this. No, I don't think you should talk to her. No, I don't care how gentle you would be. I said-let me put it this way. If you get close to her, I have no problems breaking your legs.

What are you most passionate about:
My family. Do I need to give you another demonstration? Good.

Do you have a pet peeve:
Bullies and pushy people. No means no, frankly the whole world would be better off if everyone learned that. Oh, come on. You say that, but how many times have you had a woman tell you no when you hit on her and just tried harder to convince her? Really? How is that different? I'm waiting. Still waiting.

What relationship-romantic or otherwise-has been the most significant in your life:
Wow, that's a tough one. I mean my mom raised me, so that's significant, but finding out about my fathers and brothers, that completely changed my life. No, it wasn't the money. I made it clear to them early on that I didn't want any of it. Well, I'm happy you feel that way, but I don't believe in taking advantage of others, especially not my family. I happen to believe I was raised better. Ah! No, my mom didn't either. She wouldn't take a penny from them, even now, but now it's for different reasons.

What has been your greatest accomplishment:
Standing up to the gangs, I guess.

Your greatest failure:
Not seeing what was happening with Adam in time to protect him. No, I won't talk about it. You said you were interviewing everyone so you can ask him. If he tells you, you should count yourself lucky, he hasn't told any of us.

What do you consider your greatest strength:
My Faith.

Your greatest weakness:
Definitely my temper.

How do you compensate for your weakness(es):
Compensate? You mean like being extra nice after I've lost my temper on someone? Isn't that like offering someone a drink after you've broken the bottle over their head? I prefer doing my best not to lose my temper in the first place.

Are you well-liked? Why or why not? If not, would you want to change that? What changes would you be willing to make: I guess. I mean most of the people in my neighborhood seem to like me well enough. Same with where I work, although there everyone a bit more distant, my previous workplaces were sorry to see me go, so I guess it means they liked me.

What one thing is essential to having a good day? Or Describe your hypothetical best day ever:
All days are good, so long as you look at them the right way. My best day? That has to be spending time with my dad and brothers. Our family days are always great fun, no matter where we go. Did I? I guess I meant dads.

What is your decision-making process:
I never stopped to think about it. I guess I weigh the good and the bad before making a decision, unless I'm angry, then I don't really think all that much.

Who do you admire most:
My mom, hand's down. She had to raise me alone, working two and something three jobs to support us, and with the fights I got into because of the bullies and gangs, I didn't give her an easy time of it, but she rarely lost patience with me.

Which Deadly Sin would you be:
Wrath. Like I said, I have a temper

Who is your role model:
I don't know. It used to be my dead dad, but he wasn't real, so I'm not sure I really hang my hopes on one person anymore.

What is your favorite book:
I'm on the most recent book in the Illuminar Academy series, book four. I love that series and the one that came before it. You don't know it? It's an urban fantasy series, but with a bit of a twist, instead of the people in that world being based on us, they're based on Man, you know from the bible? Genesys? God's creation? That he banished for eating the apple? Really? You don't know your bible? No, I'm just surprised, you're wearing a cross, so I thought you were Christian. But you don't know the bible? Okay. Anyway, yeah, the author started with them, created a world pretty much like ours, but there's magic. Actually, it's implied in the first series that there's multiple worlds and I think he wrote other novels in them, but I haven't looked for them. But yeah, it's really fun if you're into that.

What is your weapon of choice:
Ahh, I don't care for fighting. I know, that's pretty odd considering the work I do, but I learned early on that nothing good happens with weapons. If I'm going to fight, I'd rather use my fists.

Do you have any spiritual belief/s:
I'm Christian. I've left the church I grew up in, they were intolerant of a lot of stuff, including gays, and as I came to terms with that, I had to look for another one.

If you could be in a Disney movie, what would your role be:
Disney movie? Wow, I haven't watched those since I was a kid. I don't know. I mean is there one where the main character's poor? No? Then I really don't know. I mean I enjoy fantasy stories, but I don't really see myself being the hero. Maybe the sidekick.

Which emoji describes you the best:
Oh, I don't use those things. I'm barely online. I know, I get that a lot. My brothers tried to get me to put stuff on my profile, but I don't see the point. At most we text when we can't call each other, but that's about it.

TCN Interview, Patrick Sanders


2 August 2017 at 15:55:11 MDT

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