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Heya! I'm working on the Golden Week comic, it's pretty freaking awesome! Give it a read now!

Also, you're all amazing! Keep it up that way! =D



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Vote for The Golden Week on the Ursa Major Awards! Please

Hey everyone. Great News!!

Thanks to the community support of those who nominated the Golden Week comic for the Ursa Major Awards, it was chosen as a finalist! * cheers frantically *

Now the toughest part begins; voting.

All you have to do is go to the Ursa Major voting page and choose the Golden Week comic as your 1st option (or 2nd or 3rd, but come on! D;) to be the winner in the "Best Graphic Story" category.
You can (and should) also vote for your favorites in other categories as well. :D

Cast your votes here:

The voting phase goes until April, 15th, so no need to rush. :)

Also, thank you all for nominating the comic and allowing it to make it to the voting, that's huge, already!

Now I know what Leo might have felt. ºwº

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    You do you not upload your naughty stuff on here so often.
    Do i sense bias for this small town? XD

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    Hello, I love your work and the story really drawn me in. From one comic artist to another, what is the process you go through when composing a page? Do you do something like,

    1. Write script, dialogue and/or what happens in each panel.
    2. Rough sketch page panel design and placing where you might want things to be
    3. Upload rough sketch to computer and use program.

    Something like that? Can you tell me what programs you use? I'm very interested and would help a lot since I'm trying to know what to expect and find some tools that others use to find what might work for me? Thank you.

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      Oh wow, sorry. I didn't see this shout until today. ^^;;

      So hm, back then, I used to do it like this:

      I'd sketch a rough layout of the page on paper, just deciding where I'd divide the frames and character's poses and dialogue.
      Then I'd upload it to the computer and draw a fine sketch, then do the lineart, coloring, shading, then background and finally lettering.

      Nowadays I do it all digitally, but the process is the same;

      First; Decide the page layout with speeches and poses.
      Second; Sketch it all and make changes as necessary.
      Third; Inking, coloring, backgrounding and lettering.

      I dunno if it's accurate or understandable, but let me know if you have any doubts about it. =o
      Worst case scenario, check this:

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        Oh very cool, that does explain a lot, do you just use manga studios? Which version? Is it latest? Do you use mouse, tablet or Cintiq?

        I'm trying to get into digital in future. But I know I have quite a bit of learning to do. But you seem to definitely have a lot of practice and you work very well. :)

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          Thanks! I've been using the latest Manga Studio (version 5), I use Photoshop for lettering though, but the whole drawing, colorind, shading and rendering is done on Manga Studio.
          I do all my work now on a Cintiq, but I began drawing on paper, scanning and finishing it on the computer with a cheap intuos tablet, nothing fancy.

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            Oh nice, I heard Photoshop is a monthly fee program? If that's the case is the a non monthly software for it or is it locked behind it?

            Did it take you a while to get used to the Cintiq when you got it?