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Douglas Kim / 28 / Male / São Paulo - Brazil

Grila não
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Vote for The Golden Week on the Ursa Major Awards! Please

Hey everyone. Great News!! Thanks to the community support of those who nominated the Golden Week comic for the Ursa Major Awards, it was chosen as a finalist! * cheers frantically * Now the toughest part begins; voting. All you have to do is go to the Ursa Major voting page and choose the Golden W…

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Patreon Milestone HIT!

Hello everyone! I've just stopped by to thank you all SO MUCH for helping me and supporting me with the comic and all! =D Today, we've hit our third milestone on Patreon (250$). Which honestly, is fucking awesome! I'll keep it short, since you can watch me awkwardly and clumsily thank you for almos…

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Want a free sketch?

So! I need to stop being lazy and draw more. Simply drop a link (or more) with a reference of your character down here in the comments, I'll pick them randomly, will draw a sketch (pencils, digital, or even colored, who knows?) and will post them on my tumblr page: S…

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The Golden Week coming back to Weasyl!

Hey everyone on Weasyl! So, In the last year or so, I have neglected Weasyl any attention of my part (also, I never remembered my password and didn't bother trying to), but then again, after some thought, I noticed that this was a scumbag move, you guys are a big (and growing) community and deserve…

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"The Golden Week comic" and "new in Weasyl"

Hey Everyone! I'm Kimmy, some of you may know me from FA, , others from other places, but mostly from FA, I suppose. Anyway, thanks to lyin for inviting and welcoming me to Weasyl, I'll try to be somewhat active here and post loads of content. :) Other than…