I pretend to be a tanuki on the interweb and mostly I draw people changing into stuff. My icon was drawn by the very talented Noma (@itsanoma on twitter)

I don't take commissions right now but I have started taking quick requests during my streams when I'm in the mood. :)

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Streaming and requests!

on 19 August 2019 at 06:24:14 MDT

I've been streaming on Picarto a lot lately - it's a lot of fun and I've even started taking the odd in-stream request! Why not stop by and say hello sometime at :)

Since I take requests, I thought I might do a journal about it. Ultimately these are just notes and it's up to me to decide whether I like an idea enough to try to struggle through the process of realising it.

I draw for fun and my approach has a particular style and feel. Here's a guide to what I love drawing, what I won't draw and what I might draw on stream!

I love!
  • Merry round fuzzy scruffy animal things, monstery type creatures included
  • Happy transformation - "happy" could be anything from shy & giggleblushy to running around screaming joyfully
  • Playfulness, candidness and goofiness - characters who are having fun and looking weird with their guard down
  • Lively/interesting poses with fun facial expressions
Will not draw
  • Lots of detail - painting, backgrounds, etc. It takes too long to do during a stream.
  • Explicit/suggestive scenes, "come hither"-type poses, hard/strong kink art, violence, adult/NSFW material
  • Non-consensuality, coercion or humiliation (TF included) whether overtly sexual/kink or not
  • Non-original characters (e.g. Pokémon) or fan-made OCs derived from those universes
  • Characters who are scared, in pain, miserable, etc - this is a happy place!
I may draw these...

...but only if I can devise an appropriately Keweyesque twist.

  • Non-humiliating "nice surprise" type TF
  • Trippy scenes if they're it's light-hearted and fun
  • Scenes with some light sensuality and/or button-pushing as long as the "normie read" of the picture is cozy, sweet, cute, happy, warm, etc.

Hope that helps! If I think of something new, I'll update this journal! :)

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    Thanks for the watch!

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    just wanted to let you know that your amazing ^^ keep up the amazing work ^^

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      Awwww! Thank you! :)

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        np ^^ cant wait to see what you post next

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          Sorry to keep you waiting like a whole year! :)

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    Just gonna haunt you over here too...wish weasyl made it a bit easier to stumble onto things. Maybe tags for artists themselves. Hmm...

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      That's why multiple discovery vectors are good! :)

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    Your animations are amazing!