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Instagram face morphing filters!

Lately I've been making face morphing filters on Instagram. An artist called fukufuku5686 figured out a neat trick and I've been hammering out fun faces all month. :) If you've ever wanted to see yourself turn into a piggy, a donkey, a polar bear, or some kind of toony doggo thingy and you've got a…

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Streaming and requests!

I've been streaming on Picarto a lot lately - it's a lot of fun and I've even started taking the odd in-stream request! Why not stop by and say hello sometime at https://picarto.tv/KeweyTanuki :) Since I take requests, I thought I might do a journal about it. Ultimately these are just notes and it'…

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The one-stop August 2018 art dump catchup!

Hi there! Since I've been doing one of my crazy art sprints this week, I thought "why not list all the new stuff in one spot for the convenience of latecomers?" - so this is that! https://www.weasyl.com/~keweymarsupial/submissions/1675341/heath-20-years-on - an old bunny character drawn anew! https…

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Wherefore snoot'st thou, Kewey-o?

Just wanted to do a quick shout out to codexrau who has been throwing me picture prompts all evening, hence today/tonight's snoot-centric artbomb. Tonight's pics for handy reference: https://www.weasyl.com/~keweymarsupial/submissions/1542283/an-otter-snoot https://www.weasyl.com/~keweymarsupial/sub…

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Kewey Squirrel?

Wanted to reassure people that I'm fully committed to the cause of marsupiality and will not be defecting to squirreldom. You have my word. Even though I'm tempted, I gave you my word and that's the end of it. So there.

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Warm and fuzzy greetings to you all, my shiny new bucketload of squishy follower type people! Thanks heaps for your comments and support and general vibes of appreciation - you are all nifty bickies and I feel welcomely warmed and warmly welcomed. Yay! As groovy as it would be to do these little "t…

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Going inactive

To quote Tank Girl: "It's been swell, but the swelling's gone down." Thanks for the faves and comments, find me on Twitter as keweymarsupial if you want to rap. :)

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Furry Pictionary? Pictofurry?

So tonight cyrin and rileylynx and I were bored. I said earlier in the week I'd buy Pictionary for us to play - but, lazily, I didn't. So we made a furry-specific version of Pictionary up. Except it's not exactly like Pictionary (no board game, drawing player chooses what to draw) - you draw things…