Streaming and requests! by keweymarsupial

I've been streaming on Picarto a lot lately - it's a lot of fun and I've even started taking the odd in-stream request! Why not stop by and say hello sometime at :)

Since I take requests, I thought I might do a journal about it. Ultimately these are just notes and it's up to me to decide whether I like an idea enough to try to struggle through the process of realising it.

I draw for fun and my approach has a particular style and feel. Here's a guide to what I love drawing, what I won't draw and what I might draw on stream!

I love!
  • Merry round fuzzy scruffy animal things, monstery type creatures included
  • Happy transformation - "happy" could be anything from shy & giggleblushy to running around screaming joyfully
  • Playfulness, candidness and goofiness - characters who are having fun and looking weird with their guard down
  • Lively/interesting poses with fun facial expressions
Will not draw
  • Lots of detail - painting, backgrounds, etc. It takes too long to do during a stream.
  • Explicit/suggestive scenes, "come hither"-type poses, hard/strong kink art, violence, adult/NSFW material
  • Non-consensuality, coercion or humiliation (TF included) whether overtly sexual/kink or not
  • Non-original characters (e.g. Pokémon) or fan-made OCs derived from those universes
  • Characters who are scared, in pain, miserable, etc - this is a happy place!
I may draw these...

...but only if I can devise an appropriately Keweyesque twist.

  • Non-humiliating "nice surprise" type TF
  • Trippy scenes if they're it's light-hearted and fun
  • Scenes with some light sensuality and/or button-pushing as long as the "normie read" of the picture is cozy, sweet, cute, happy, warm, etc.

Hope that helps! If I think of something new, I'll update this journal! :)

Streaming and requests!


19 August 2019 at 06:24:14 MDT

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    Aww, I missed this! (that's what I get for not being active on here, I guess!)

    Normally I'm not one to make requests, but your big bad wolf sketches have really been on my mind and I've really wanted to see your take on my own big bad wolf. I'll have to try to talk myself into trying to visit a stream and maybe make a request sometime since your profile says you don't do commissions!

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      Ah the "requests" I do these days are more like prompts, and I've been doing more digital sculpting than drawing lately too. I'm even iffy on drawing specific characters now after a couple of experiences with people begging for art of their characters stream after stream. Soon as I said "I'm not doing art of specific characters" they stopped coming. Funny that..

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        Aw, well that's a shame that people were being kind of obnoxious over it. I don't think I could ever handle the pressure of streaming and having people ask me for art. Well, maybe if you ever open up for some sketchy commissions or something one day I can catch you!