WOW AND HI BUT MOSTLY WOW by keweymarsupial

Warm and fuzzy greetings to you all, my shiny new bucketload of squishy follower type people! Thanks heaps for your comments and support and general vibes of appreciation - you are all nifty bickies and I feel welcomely warmed and warmly welcomed. Yay!

As groovy as it would be to do these little "toonsformation" shots on request or commission, I'm a fickle make-believe marsupial and my time-energy or inspiration for this fun stuff really varies. I am happy to share what I do with you nice folks without ruining this beautiful thing with obligations and business type malarkey or trying to deal with unreasonable requests. Fun is my top priority here and I hope that shows through in the work. Money takes most of the fun out of it. Except when that money pays bills but that part is well sorted.

Besides which I did that whole commission grind ages ago and hated it to bits so now it's broken in bits and I don't have strong enough mental superglue to stick it back together. In bits it stays until bills are no longer sorted.

So if you (talking to just you yourself now) are open for commissions or requests and you want work, leave a comment to that effect and hopefully you pick up work that I have no interest in. (Though probably everyone following me knows everyone else following me by now and I'm just late to the party which is just typical really ughh.)

Have yourselves (talking to everyone again) a lovely rest of the week all of you and feel free to chat in the comments because that's what they're for.

Oh also the bird leg is being improved upon so keep an eye out for that.



3 August 2016 at 10:27:55 MDT

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    I have to say for someback back in the saddle but mostly known for his moody roo faces you got magic in the gallery's veins again.
    For your return, been digging your work so far, i hope fun and art remain together, I bet you can relate to errors on renders or 3d models or drawings but....

    Heres to fun with your works Roo

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      thanks i plan to and OO MAGIC YES... this may be a short lived thing but we shall see, it is fun while it is lastnig :)