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Hi, I'm justinandrew1984, and I only draw in two mediums, mspaint and freehand, hope you like my art and fanart, plz no harsh criticism, and have fun!

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Should Featureless nudity be tagged mature?

(This journal Entry will also be on my DA)

Ok, this journal entry shall be about a few things not just in title, So here they are.

1-Featureless nudity:

Also Known as "Barbie doll Nudity" (which is commonly seen in bases), Its the only type of nudity I Only draw. (I may make an exception if it calls for it), and the big debate is whether or not it should tagged mature, I say no, since no actual nudity is being shown, I remember a person who commented on my version of "nupple beach cadance" said that Unless I showed actual nudity I didn't have to tag it mature. so I'll take their word for it.

2-Aging of underage characters in fanart:

This one's been a hot topic in the past few months (especially since people have their art removed and possibly kicked off DA for it.), and its taking any underage character and imagining them as an adult, Now I know there's Pedos out there who may get a thrill outta this, but I see it as this, A creative possibility in the Fanart world, Also any (supposed) nudity of them should have them made to be over 18, so its not so sexual in a way.

3-New Art styles for me:

A big thing I need to do. I propose to make my art evolve in different poses and styles, and who knows, maybe I'll get better at it, too. also some tutorials will help me, too. I'll also have some sketches posted, too.

4-My Past is Not today:

And now for the big one, 5 years ago this month I was "forced" to leave DA (Don't ask me what I did to cause it, or what may have happened.), and that in turn I almost gave up my art and stop drawing for 2 years. I'm also mentioning this because I had some help on finding people to replace me (didn't exactly work out), and I'll be happy to draw their OCs, too.

Well that's about it, I hope I didn't offend anyone with journal Submission, Ok, I'll see ya later.

Justinandrew1984 out!

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    no hate intended, but why are your girls all recolors of eachother? it doesn't seem very original.

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      It seems easier, I've been meaning to make my drawings different, I'll do that next week.

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    Thank you for the fav!

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    Thanks much for the follow. ~

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    Thanks for the favs!

    In case you didn't know, the adoptables that haven't been adopted yet, are free! Just ask me, if you want one.

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      you're very welcome, and yes, I am intersted in some of them, when I adopt, I may post art of them on here and DA.