Hello. My real name is Jordon but you can call me Jomo I guess.
I'm a gay furry. My fursona is a Wolf-bat hybrid.

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I like to draw animals and comics as well as design and make computer and table-top games.
I was in college a while ago to learn more about game development, but had to leave due to too much stress. I'll go back some day though.

I'm also trying to teach myself Japanese.

I'm a HUGE fan of Sonic the Hedgehog. He's way past cool!

I'm a Seventh Day Adventist, and I'm taken by a guy. I'm a very tolerant person, but I'm wary of how people think of me.



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Lubo Pokemon Drawing Contest

on 3 November 2018 at 23:02:47 MDT

It's time for another Lubo Contest!
End date is November 30 and everyone who participates will get something!

Also it would be greatly appreciated if you shared this journal so more people hear about the contest.

This contest's theme is "Pokemon"!
To participate, just make a drawing of any character (one or more if you want) from the comic only [b[instead of being drawn in their original species, they're drawn as a Pokemon![/b] They can be anthro or feral, just be sure to keep enough clothing from the character so we can tell who it is.

When you choose a species of pokemon, make sure that it's a pokemon that exists in one of the games. No fakemon please for now.

Also please keep it safe for work. If you don't know whether or not an idea is appropriate, feel free to ask me about it.

Make sure you send me a link to the drawing when you're done so I actually know it exists.

Here are all characters that have been featured in the comic.

This contest is being hosted on multiple art sites, so I'll be sure to gather all the entries to display them on one spot for people to view them.

The winner will either be chosen by me or I may have a poll set up for people to choose. I'll decide what method when the contest ends.

Prizes (NOTE: For prizes of this contest you can have me draw any Pokemon, Pokemon OC, your OC as a pokemon, or your OC as a pokemon trainer):
1st Place Prize - A Colored drawing of two pokemon/trainerinteracting (Can be any characters, whether from the comic or otherwise)
2nd Place Prize - A colored drawing of a character of your choosing.
3rd Place Prize - A sketch drawing of a character of your choosing.
The rest of the participants will get a sketch mug shot drawing of a character.

Happy Drawing!

Contest Entries so far:

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    no problem at all!! keep up the amazing work ^w^

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    My dearest apologies on being VERY late on this, but you are more than welcome!

    Thank you for doing what you do and sharing it with us!

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    No problem, man. :3

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      Hi o:

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        how r u.

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          doing alright, you?

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            just doing good just been away from awful sites.