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Octransfur Day 11: Sleeping Soundly [Vaporeon TF] by Joat

A young woman was laying in bed, staring at the ceiling. She’d intended to sleep, but the pressure of a big test was keeping her up. Unfortunate, considering that she was fully aware that being sleep-deprived wouldn’t do her any favors when it came to said test. Clearly, something had to be done. And though she didn’t have any medication on hand to help her sleep, she did have a gift she got from a friend a couple days ago, a white noise machine.

It was something she’d always been skeptical of. It seemed odd that such a thing could make that much of a difference. Tonight, though, she was willing to try anything, so she unboxed the white noise machine, plugged it in, and set it next to her bed, before turning it on. The default setting was the sound of ocean waves. Figuring it would be a perfectly fine thing to try first, she left it at that, laying back down in bed and closing her eyes.

Surprisingly, it seemed to be working, as she felt much more able to relax than before. Soon, she was indeed asleep, dreaming of a visit to the beach. It was fairly normal at first, lacking the strangeness of most dreams, but that changed once she dipped her feet into the water, as she saw them quickly change to cute blue-colored hind paws.

She did not bat an eye. To her dreaming mind, this didn’t feel out of the ordinary at all. And so she continued wading into the water, feeling quite peaceful. Her legs were turning blue and adopting more animal-like proportions as they were submerged. Her waist was soon to follow and she was finding it harder to stand on two legs as she watched a blue tail start forming behind her, a darker blue ridge lining the top. The tip of her new tail was split, looking somewhat akin to the tail of a dolphin.

She lowered her hands down into the water, watching in serene delight as they changed to cute little blue forepaws. She moved her arms down next, watching them change to blue forelegs. She pushed forward with her hindpaws, going from standing to swimming, her torso now being submerged as she felt it changing, turning blue and adopting a dark blue ridge along her spine. She could tell she had shrunken down a fair bit, but that didn’t bother her at all. Nor did it bother her that she no longer had clothing on. In this form, she wouldn’t need it, after all.

After a moment of swimming further out from the beach, she decided to dive under the water. She watched as her mouth and nose grew out into a small blue muzzle tipped with a cute little black nose. She felt her head reshaping, turning blue with a darker blue top as her neck formed a large white fin-like ruff around it and her head grew three fins on it, one on top and one on either side of her face, each colored a pale yellow with a dark blue top.

With that, her transformation was complete. She looked around, seeing a vibrant underwater world before her, ready to explore. And so she did, for what seemed to be hours. Yet despite being so lengthy, she did not once find herself getting bored. But after many hours, she found herself yawning. She closed her eyes, then opened them again, finding herself somewhere entirely different

She was back in her room. She hopped off of her bed, landing on her paws, and began looking around curiously. How strange, for her dream to take her back here. Though, when she thought about it, it seemed a bit realistic for a dream...

Octransfur Day 11: Sleeping Soundly [Vaporeon TF]


14 October 2021 at 08:20:51 MDT

Given that it happens in a dream, would it be a Vaporeyawn? Anyway, the prompt for this day was Noise. My first idea was to have the protagonist hear a mysterious noise and, while trying to find the source, transforming into something related to it. It just didn't click with me though, so I ultimately decided to go with this. Also, this marks the point where I've started avoiding giving the protagonists names, because I'm worried that after I while I might start unintentionally repeating names, then people will wonder whether X person is the same as Y person with the same name, and bleh.

Doing the traditional comparison with what CrizBN did, our ideas were pretty far apart. Both noises were initiated by the protagonists, but at very different volume levels and for very different purposes. And also, being more sensitive to loud noises than most, his piece kinda makes me give a sympathetic wince.

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