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Octransfur Day 10: Leaf Leap [Shaymin TF] by Joat

Helen stood in her front yard, back in human form again. She had just finished raking the leaves all into a nice, neat pile. She was all done with her work. But there was only one problem...

The leaf pile was positively tiny! Thanks to having no trees in her own yard, the only leaves she had were leaves that blew in from other yards. Her leaf pile was simply too small to be satisfying. But she knew just the solution!

She quickly pulled out and drank a light green potion, before seeing her mouth and nose reshape into a short, cute white-furred muzzle tipped with a small black nose. She was rapidly shrinking down all over, but especially her arms and legs, which were now covered with white fur. Her hands and feet were now cute little white paws.

With such stubby limbs, it would have been tricky to get her clothes off, if not for how quickly she was shrinking down. She easily slipped out of her clothing, finding that her torso, too, was now covered in white fur. She got on all fours, now finding that stance to be much more comfortable, as she felt thick, grass-like fur growing on her back, before a pink flower and two green leaves grew on either side of her head.

The transformation was complete. She was a Shaymin, not even a foot tall. Now the once-disappointing leaf pile looked positively massive. And so, she took a running start, then dove right in.

Octransfur Day 10: Leaf Leap [Shaymin TF]


10 October 2021 at 17:42:32 MDT

Today's prompt is "Autumn", and given that autumn is known for leaves and autumn leaves are known for the piles made from them, the path forward was clear to me. That said, looking back, I probably should have made it an autumnal variant of Shaymin. Oh well.

Comparing to what CrizBN did, I would say we went with very different ideas. We both went with Grass-types, but mine was an intentional self-TF caused by potion, with the goal of having a more satisfying leaf-jumping experience, while his was an unintentional TF caused by leaf falling onto him. Or it could just be coincidental timing, it's kinda unclear.

He does kinda the same thing I just complained about regarding my piece, but in his case it's weird because, unlike Shaymin, Deerling has a canonical Autumn Form. Turning into that, I feel, would have made the piece more fitting for the prompt, as well as make it feel a bit more likely to have been caused by the falling leaf. That said, looking at his tags on his FA submission, it seems like he may have intended it to be Autumn form, but used Summer colors by mistake.

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