Easter Bubble [Gum Bubble Dragon Inflation, Sticky] by Joat

Kevin the bunny-eared gum bubble dragon was in his room, all alone. There was nobody to hang out with at the moment, and overall he was quite bored. And indeed, a bored bubble dragon could be dangerous indeed, or at least they could if their name was Kevin. And so, he sat down, thinking up a plan. He wanted something fun, something festive… he had just the idea!

He headed to an empty room to set up his plan. Most gum beings could, at most, blow a simple round bubble, colored pink like normal gum, but most gum beings were not Kevin. As a bubble dragon, he took his bubbling craft quite serious indeed… inasmuch as a bubble dragon took much of anything seriously, at least. The bubble he formed was not a simple round one, but instead egg-shaped. And although at first it was pink, as it grew larger it turned white, then became decorated with various stripes, polka-dots, and silly patterns, making it look like a proper Easter egg. Except this one was a bubble and was absolutely massive. Sitting up straight, it spanned from the floor to the ceiling, truly a sight to behold. But of course, this was merely part one of his plan.

Next, he pulled out a wand and waved his arms around. In truth, he didn’t know how to use the wand or magic in general, but he at least knew that if he pulled the wand out and did random stuff, something interesting would eventually happen. And indeed, after he booped the egg bubble with the wand, the egg began to ripple a bit. Then, out of the bubble came a small egg bubble, about the size of a chicken egg, with colorful patterns of its own. Then out came another bubble egg, then another, and soon they were coming out rather quickly.

Kevin did a cute little happy dance, then stood back to watch as the egg bubbles rapidly increased in number. He’d be able to have a fun egg party in no time at all, at this rate! In fact, with the floor covered in egg bubbles, it looks like this would be quite the fun Easter indeed! It was a sentiment that doubled as the eggs increased, so much so that they were soon around his waist. But even then, the eggs kept coming.

It was at the point where the eggs were coming up to his neck that he was starting to get concerned. The magic was still going and had no signs of stopping. Maybe if he walked back over to the big egg, he’d be able to stop it before the room ran out of space for more eggs. However, the massive amount of eggs that filled the room already would be an issue. He started pushing his way through the eggs, displacing a lot of them as he went, but some of them he accidentally popped. And though he didn’t notice it at first, the gum left behind by the popped eggs was sticky. It quickly became apparent, however, as he felt the gum squishing under his paws, tugging against his efforts to lift them. As he got closer to the egg, each step got more and more difficult. He was entirely submerged in the eggs now, so close to the big egg, but try as he might, he could not take another step. He tugged with his right hind paw, then his left, pulling as hard as he could, only for the sticky gum to stretch before snapping them right back down into place. He was trapped.

However, as the room was filling up, he still didn’t intend to give up hope. The bubble was so close now, he just had to lean forward, pushing the bubbles aside… almost there… yes! He bit down on the bubble, causing it to pop, leaving a shower of glittery magic in its wake… a fair bit of which went right into his mouth.

He tried giving an exclamation of surprise, but the gum from the big egg bubble had stuck his mouth shut shortly after the magic entered. There was no letting the magical energy out now. He could only watch helplessly as not only did egg bubbles continue appearing in the room, but now they were starting to rapidly appear in his belly as well. He tried pressing against his expanding belly in a futile attempt to slow or stop the process, but no such luck. He could only watch helplessly as his belly grew larger and larger, soon becoming too large for him to be able to wrap his arms around. And more importantly, with all the eggs in the room, there was now no room left in there for his belly to expand further. Eggs had stopped appearing in the room, but they were still appearing in his belly nonetheless.

The eggs in the room pressed against his belly, before some of them started to pop, covering his belly in sticky gum. As his belly expanded further, he accidentally touched his arms and his muzzle to his belly. He tried pulling them free, but the gum refused to let him free, keeping him stuck to his own belly. Only once his belly was twice as large in diameter as he was normally tall did the inflation stop, leaving him surrounded by egg bubbles and unable to move, stuck to the floor and his own massive belly.

Easter Bubble [Gum Bubble Dragon Inflation, Sticky]


6 April 2021 at 11:20:12 MDT

This is an Easter request for Connor, which involves bubbles because of course it does. Everything with him involves bubbles. He is a bubble. He is from the planet Bubble. He will not rest until he conquers Earth and turns it into a giant bubble. Or something. I dunno. Sentence fragments.

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