Easter Drawing [Pooltoy Rabbit TF] by Joat

It was Easter, but that was no excuse not to work as far as Vampexx was concerned. He was hard at work, drawing an icon that someone had commissioned him for, as well as keeping up with activity on his Discord server. It wasn’t necessarily a frantic day for him, but it was by no means a day where he had any intention of slacking off.

He switched over to the Discord window to check for new messages. Joat had just posted for the first time that day, responding to Vampexx’s declaration that he was starting drawing, starting that he would be doing art in turn. Vampexx made a joking comment in return, feigning dread at what may come as a result of said drawing. Of course, if said art were actually of him transforming, he would be far from objecting from it.

But for now, he didn’t have time to worry too much about Joat’s work. He had his own work to get back to, after all, and he was making good progress on it. And so, he continued his artwork, working on the coloring as he listened to a playlist of music. But after a while, he was starting to get thirsty. And so, he prepared to get up, his bare feet squeaking together as they touched together in the process of him pushing back his chair.

…Wait, huh?

He looked down. Where before there had been his strong-looking dark gray paws, complete with sharp, intimidating claws, there was now a pair of long, cute, shiny purple paws, bereft of any claws or intimidation factor at all. He lifted one of them up and felt them with a hand, feeling that there was quite clearly nothing underneath the surface but empty air, with the hind paw giving quite a fair bit as he pressed against it.

He had pooltoy paws, now.

He set the paw back down, trying to assess the situation and decide what to do next. But as he did so, he noticed the desk’s surface seemed to be rising. Quickly realizing what that meant, he looked down, finding that his legs were becoming squeaky purple pooltoy as well, becoming somewhat shorter as they did so. From the looks of it, not only had he changed, but he was continuing to change at a rapid pace, thus adding quite a sense of urgency to his situation.

Indeed, he should do something about this, but… what, exactly? There was no apparent cause for this, at least that he could see, and he didn’t exactly have much time to figure it out. Already, the transformation was proceeding up to his hips, rapidly shrinking his tail down from a mighty dinosaur-like tail to a cute little puff tail, less suitable for a dino-dog and more suitable for a… bunny. He gave a sigh. Of course something would turn him into a bunny on Easter.

He began looking around, trying to push aside the squeakiny noises he made as he walked and the transformation’s quick progression up his torso. He couldn’t help but notice a pooltoy nozzle appearing on his belly, but nonetheless tried to ignore it, hoping to find the source of this odd, if festive, transformation. However, none could be found in the area. And now, he was feeling quite light, as all that remained to be transformed was his arms, hands, and head. He looked down at his belly. Not only was there a pooltoy nozzle there, but his mighty scales had been replaced with a cute, white squeaky belly. Like his legs, his torso had shortened as well. Because of course it did. He couldn’t be a cute little bun-bun without being little, by definition, and of course something would transform him into a cute little bun-bun on Easter.

He couldn’t think of anywhere else to look, unable to do much but watch and wait as the squeakiness proceeded down his arm, turning it purple. And sure enough, just like his hind paws, once his forepaws were changed, they were robbed of their claws. At the very least, though, they still had their individual digits.

It was at this time that he noticed his muzzle starting to shorten, turning purple with a cute little pink nose at the end. He felt his face, hearing the familiar sound of squeaking from two parts of his pooltoy body rubbing against each-other. Indeed, his face was now just as squeaky as the rest of him. He felt the top of his head, just in time to feel his hair growing shorter and shorter, then leaving nothing behind but smooth squeak at the top of his head. His ears quickly elongated, becoming much more appropriate for a bunny. At that point, he looked in a nearby mirror, finding that staring back at him was a cute little purple pooltoy bunny, no more than two feet tall.

At that point, following a sudden hunch, Vampexx floatily hopped up into his chair. He had to stand in it now, rather than sitting, in order to properly reach his mouse and keyboard. At that point, he found that there was an unread message from Joat. It had just been sent, in fact, and when Vampexx went to read it, he found that it contained one simple question.

“Like the art?”

Easter Drawing [Pooltoy Rabbit TF]


6 April 2021 at 11:07:23 MDT

This was an Easter wildcard request for Vampexx. And by "wildcard request", I mean he requested a story and... that's it. He left everything up to me, pretty much.

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