Easter Gumball [Pooltoy Rabbit Inflation, Sticky] by Joat

Symtec was fast asleep, currently in the form of a 2’ green pooltoy bunny for Easter. He was supposed to be awake by this point, but he’d forgotten to set an alarm. However, this was fine in Phira’s eyes, as she had a plan to serve as a far better alarm clock than that silly electronic thing.

And so Phira, also a pooltoy bunny though in her case colored blue, quietly rolled toward Sym. She needed to be careful not to wake Sym prematurely by squeaking too loudly. As well, she had to be careful not to lose her way. After all, it was easy to go the wrong direction when she had a plastic eggshell between her and the outside world, Symtec included. Nonetheless, she continued on, determined to make this plan a success. However, then the egg bumped into something, which was not part of her plan.

“Mrphl…” Sym said, gently stirring from his sleep. He’d just felt something – he didn’t know what – bump into his side. Groggily, he slowly stirred, then looked toward the object, seeing a blue plastic Easter egg, but it was strange in three ways. One was that it was standing upright on its own, another was that it was definitely far larger than any plastic Easter egg he’d ever seen at a bit over 2’ in size, and then there was the fact that the silhouette of whatever was inside seemed to be moving.

Suddenly, the egg opened and out came a bunch of confetti, along with a familiar blue toy rabbit. “Happy Easter, Sym!” she said, pouncing Sym… However, it wasn’t just a simple pounce-hug. Before Sym could process what had just happened, Phira placed a gumball in Sym’s open mouth, which he inadvertently swallowed.

Sym blinked twice and took a step back, looking in at the gumball through his semi-transparent body. It was definitely a gumball from the looks of it, but why did Phira place it in his mouth? Before he could ask that, though, the gumball began to evaporate slowly, the solid coating turning to gas, causing Sym’s belly to begin expanding, causing him to blush brightly.

“Oh, so that’s what it does!” Phira said.

“You didn’t know what it would do?” Sym asked, still blushing, pressing gently against his expanding belly as the gumball became gradually smaller.

“No, Joat just said it would do something fun if it was swallowed and I thought it would be fun to give it to you!” Phira said, then she patted Sym’s belly. However, after the first couple of pats, she found herself having trouble pulling her paw up from Sym’s belly. When she tried, she saw a familiar pink substance stretch between her paw and Sym’s belly, before pulling her paw right back into place. Her paw was stuck to the belly with sticky bubblegum.

Phira squeaked in surprise, watching as Sym, still blushing, tried lifting up his own forepaws from his belly. But sure enough, just like Phira’s, his own paws were held stuck in place, unable to pull far from his growing belly before being snapped right back into place. And the gumball was growing quite small indeed, as Sym’s belly grew quite large. Phira tried backing away, but it was too late. Now, her own belly was stuck to Sym’s just as much as her paw was. Soon, Sym’s belly was fully round, stuck to the floor just as thoroughly as it stuck to their paws. Only then did it finally stop growing, the gumball now entirely gone.

“…Yeah, this sure looks like something Joat would do,” Sym said, still blushing brightly, tugging helplessly with his captive paws. Phira, meanwhile, could not respond. Her muzzle was now stuck to the belly, as was her other forepaw, as she’d decided to give the belly a hug. She didn’t mind this one bit, and nor did Sym. The two of them would be sticking together for a while, courtesy of Joat’s gift.

Easter Gumball [Pooltoy Rabbit Inflation, Sticky]


6 April 2021 at 11:33:47 MDT

This is technically two wildcard (AKA "surprise me") Easter requests combined into one, for Phira and Symtec.

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