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state of my comics

on 23 October 2017 at 19:28:04 MDT

It sucks, i worked so hard on plushomancers only to end up hating every thing about it.
TLDR: im starting over AGAIN!

this time however i'm not going to be releasing bi weekly or bi monthly pages.
this process was the thing that was angering me the most.
I want to release a story that can be read from start to finish with out the
crappy wait time.

So this week I will be releasing the first full comic story for Halloween!
I will be doing this format bi monthly now and the comics (until other wise stated)
will not be colored.

It REALLY sucks that I lost another story but doing
it this way will ensure that I have a clear start and finish
to the stories I release!
this was the main issue with doing the standard web comic format for me.
I would get so far and by time i was balls deep into it I would hate everything
I wrote.

I'm sorry for leading every one on with plushomancers but it just fell apart on me.
this new format and release cycle is definitely working out way better and i'm already
much happier with the results!

thanks for reading!

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    hey, haven't heard back, are you doing okay?

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    hey dude, what's happening?

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    I'm very much enjoying your TJD comic. :)

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    Ho Ho Ho! Stream On and Stream Freely, Good Sir. Merry Christmas!

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