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Schedule/Stream Changes! by Jin&Tonic

Schedule/Stream Changes!


Hey, so remember back when I took my post-FWA break, I mentioned that there might be a few changes to my streamin’ schedule? Well, here are the changes, as promised:

The commission streams aren’t goin’ away, but I am gonna drop Friday as a commission day. Friday’s not gonna be entirely void of happenin’s though...
See, I’ve been wantin’ to set some time aside to work on more personal projects, maybe develop my own ideas more instead of devoting all of my time and energy to commission work. To that end, every Friday will have a six-ish hour stream where I’ll work on personal stuff, be it art pieces, design documents, comics, whatever needs working on that day. Note that I haven’t set down a hard schedule for when the streams start and end, since nobody’s gonna be missing out on any commission opportunities, I feel like it’d be nice to have a sorta flexible work day. That said, count on roughly six cumulative hours of streaming, and I’ll be sure to announce whenever a session starts, same as always.

Well that’s pretty much all there is to say for now. Again, thanks to all of you streamgoers for the amazing support over the past year. It really means a lot to me, and I hope that through these bits of “me time”, I’ll end up making somethin’ you can enjoy! Thanks, and see y'all soon!

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    Dude I'm stoked to see you work on your personal stuff! I was hyped when you mentioned the possibility of you changing the schedule to something like this a bit back.

    Can't wait to see what you do in the streams, dude!

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    Neat! I always have wondered what you'd make on your own time.

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    Heyo. Your days line up with my stream days as well.
    Was wondering if you would be able / like to join me and Sanny on Picarto for a Multistream some time.
    We work, we chat, and have thus far had a grand old time with ourselves and other guest artists.

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      Oh man I don't know if I'd be any good for that. xwx;