Next In Line (Commission for MaxFuchsKojote) by Jeschke

Next In Line (Commission for MaxFuchsKojote)

Next In Line (Commission for MaxFuchsKojote)


31 August 2015 at 21:36:00 MDT

Allllrighty. This is a non-moving POV commission for MaxFuchsKojote, I believe, with a pred that belongs to thenran thenran as far as I know. I don't feel hugely up to writing out a full description of the stuff in there, unfortunately. x3 But long story short, you, the viewer, are hanging around at home, when your roommate/friend/what-have-you, a big muscled wolf, comes into the room with his gut heavy and sloshing from a heavy meal. You listen while he rubs and pats his gut, until he notices you watching on the other side of the room. After standing (and his pants popping open), he comes over to you, thus proceeds you having your ear mashed into his gut to listen to it working.

And at the end, his gut growls. He's still hungry. And it looks like you are...........going to have to go make him some food. (Or you're gonna be Next In Line, gosh)

The art in the icon comes from this picture, which is also a good enough idea of what the predator in here is like.

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