Dating A Pred by Jeschke

Dating A Pred

Dating A Pred


31 August 2015 at 21:31:40 MDT

So you've gone out for a date with a big guy a friend recommended you meet. You find the guy at a local bar, and you both hit it off. Things were going fine, he was a little big and intimidating, but nice enough. You go to the bathroom while you wait for food to arrive. And then when you get back, you notice your date's belly has gotten bigger. And it's making muffled yelling noises. Your date is still as casual as ever, licking his fingers, slurping on his beer, while you make a note to call your friend up and tell him that he should've mentioned your date tonight was a predator, or that you were meeting at a pred-friendly bar, or something. If you make it through the rest of the date without leaving the bar in a doggy bag or something.

So yeah anyway, I was trying out the idea of using some sort of cloth/blanket to muffle my own voice/make the words vague, like all those pictures where the prey is going "mmph!" from inside the belly and pushing out. Long story short, washcloth over face. Might try making a little gag out of it next time so I can't do any harder consonants. Anyway, after trying that out I just had to do something with it, so here you are, short little thing. :3

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