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This is sort of my backup profile in case FA completely goes to hell? But I might as well upload everything over here too.

Anyway, I make awful vorarephilia-based fetishy audio things. Your headphones will weep.


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It's still not the update I would have liked it to be, but since I can't hardly sit down and work at the thing and finish off all the bits in there, this is what it's gonna be. No use holding back on the thing forever.

But yeah, go have fun and all. There's 2 new rides, 9 more endings, 7 misc. scenes 6 of which are micro/macro, heavy digestion, 1 of which is willing and only encounterable on light digestion), and a whole map revamp with lots of flavor text to run into.

And if anybody wants to poke through the source to see what was left out of here, in case I never get around to it, I'm gonna possibly stick that up online?

About the future of it too....well, I don't have any plans to go through a do a lot of the things I thought would be fun to stick in. Not a whole lot of pull. Hence why I'm putting this out there as is. I wouldn't be opposed to somebody wanting to come in and finish what I started or add their own stuff or whatnot too. But we'll see if anything like that happens.

Anyway, yeah, have fun. :3

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    Thanks for the follow!

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    wait you follow me?--

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    oh, woo! It's you! one of your vore audios, a loop, I had a friend mix (just for private use) with some soothing music to create a "in a belly while the pred relaxes and you can hear the music from inside" feel. Lovely audios!

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      aheheh, yes, 'tis me, I try to hang around weasyl a good bit nowadays, hahaaaa

      though I feel like I'm following you elsewhere, maybe, too? the name was familiar, and it was that mff sketch page with biggestdooker that I was like oh, I think I know them, but yeah I mean like, oh woo it's you too! your art is really great, for sure

      also I think I've done the same with some audio before, maybe? it'd be pretty easy to do too, get the nice resonance in there and all that, maybe it was like a background thing...but yeah that also reminds me of how I was contemplating some sort of site like rainymood, but it'd be the listener inside a belly and able to tweak thickness and how much noise there is, and then have stuff playing outside? nothing ever happened with the idea, but the precedent is certainly there, with people finding the loops relaxing and whatnot, haha; but yeah thanks!

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        You may know me from previous pseudonyms? i used to be gingerbeer, years ago, creeper and all that. also on tumblr as doggables! vore is a small world anyway it feels like :B

        ooohhh something like rainymood but with vore sounds, it would be amazing! I really do find it soothing; it's nice to get into a headspace that you're just in a belly and have no obligation but to sit there and await fate. thanks in turn for likin my stuff! oh, have you ever tinkered with ?

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          hmmm, hmmmmmmmm, looking back at gingerbeer there's definitely stuff I remember, some I think I've got saved and kicking around my computer somewhere too, yet I wasn't following? then again it looks like that was around the time I was just starting to un-lurk, and it was really hard to drop the tendency to never ever follow somebody or favorite something of theirs, haha, pretty possible that that was the case

          and then doggables on tumblr, it's like, it's weird, I thought I was following you on there already? but now that I think about it it might be that the name's familiar cause I see so many other people reblogging from it, which then makes me think I'm following, I don't know, but now I can peruse through your stuff huzzah, also something something vore small world, small world like a small stomach or a packed stomach of a large person or I don't know where this is going

          hmmmmmmm though, hmmmmmmmm I've never seen that site before, to be sure! I might very well look through that over the next while, that deeeeefinitely looks interesting and possibly useful, or at least something that could be used to approximate what I've thought about before, hmmmmmm yes thanks for the link, I'll have to mess with that for sure :B

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    Thanks for the follow~